Saiss | 'We just have to keep going and the result will come'

Romain Saiss is enjoying playing football under Bruno Lage and believes Wolves have done everything they can to win Premier League this season, apart from score.

The Moroccan, who is heading back to his homeland this week to captain his national team in their World Cup qualifying fixtures, had two opportunities to put his side into a deserved lead against Manchester United at Molineux on Sunday, but was thwarted by a superb double save from David De Gea.

But Saiss is confident that Wolves will get the results their performances deserve when they return to Compton Park following the international break if they continue to stick to the exciting attacking style they have been displaying so far this season.

On missing the finishing touch

“The first three games in the league we’ve played very, very well against three good teams in this league, three teams who are going to play in Europe this season, and we did everything well in every game, but the difference is that we have to score because we have so many chances.

“It’s not about the chances like if we were shooting from far out from goal, it’s really good chances like one-v-one with the goalkeeper and all these things.

“If we score the first, maybe the game can change against these kinds of teams, but is just about the details. It’s not big chances we’re conceding, when they score and it makes the different and afterwards it’s harder, we try to push, but, unfortunately, we didn’t reach the result we want.

“We respect the plan we did before in training sessions before the game, offensively and defensively. We created a lot of chances, really good chances, that we have to score.”

On apparent foul in the build-up to United’s goal

“Sometimes it’s about us not being too naïve. But I think they [the referee] have to come and check the ankle of Ruben and they will see if he was lying or not, because, for me, it was a clear foul.

“But even with this, we have to score one, two or three goals because we had so many good chances, like in the first-half, we had maybe two or three and in the second-half, the same also.

“We know against this kind of team, if you don’t score, you can be in trouble after because they’re a big team in the Premier League and a big team in Europe. But it’s all about details because they scored when it wasn’t great chances for them, and they score, and after then it was harder for us.

“We are really disappointed because we gave everything in these first three games and we didn’t reach what we wanted. We did everything well, except in front of goal, but we have to keep going.”

On De Gea’s double save

“I was sad after that because it was a really good chance for me to score and then I saw the clip of the video in the dressing room after and it was a fantastic save from the goalkeeper.

“I thought I had got the shot on him, as I tried to shoot at the side and he saved it. He was really quick to save the ball like this.

“I’m really disappointed, but that’s football and we just have to keep going and don’t give up because we’re on a good way.”

On playing under Lage

“Our feeling is that we’re really happy and we are enjoying the way we are playing.

“Offensively we take risks and it doesn’t matter who the opponent is; it can be United, Leicester, Tottenham, we just don’t care. We keep on the same way, and that’s the work we are doing for many weeks now.

“We just have to keep going and the result will come.”

On Hee Chan Hwang signing

“Every good player who comes to the club is good for us. It’s good to compete between players and for them to compete at the weekend.

“I think it’s a good point for us to have this kind of player and I hope he’s going to help the team.”

On aiming for first win after international break

“We will see. We know the game after is against Watford, so I hope so, because they are on a good way.

“Of course, we are disappointed with the results, but what we are doing on the pitch is really good, so the result will come and bring us confidence.”