Lage | 'I think we are doing things well'

Bruno Lage had a feeling of déjà vu on Sunday, as Wolves’ promising performance went unrewarded, but remains committed to the process.

Wolves missed a series of good openings against Manchester United but couldn’t find a way through and were punished when Mason Greenwood struck the winner. Now with an international weekend ahead, Lage would prefer to have time with his players, but remains positive, after three performances pull of attacking threat.

On another unrewarded performance

“It’s the first feeling we had in the first two matches. I think we are doing things well because we created a lot of chances, but everyone, not one player, we had several players with good chances to score goals, seven or eight toady.

“After, with a good 80 minutes they scored, so disappointed with the result, but like I said to my players, this is the way and if you want to play this way, creating a lot of chances, and managed the ball well, we need to keep going.”

On eventual disappointment

“When you don’t win after this performance, you feel like you deserve more than we have. We created a lot of chances, like the first two games, and in the end, we don’t take point. This league is very hard, and this is about points, but I believe in the way we work, the way we play, we’re creating chances and will score the goals and win the points we need.”

On the lead-up to the goal

“We had the same situation in the first-half, 30 minutes, and we put the ball out. They didn’t put the ball out. They can analyse both situations, the referees have the VAR, people are in charge to analyse. For me, it’s just to analyse the performance and try to prepare the best way, to play like this way against Watford.

“I was talking calm with Ole (Gunnar Solskjaer), because I met him before in meetings. He was a gentleman to me, we had a few words at the meeting two weeks ago to start the Premier League, I just said in the same situation we put the ball out, but I don’t want to create a situation about it, most important thing is way we play against a strong team.”

On international break

“This our work, the plan was to come and challenge the players to play like we are playing, so we need to keep going. Sometimes the break is good, but I think in this case it’s bad because we are losing our players for two weeks. They will play on Wednesday, arrive between Thursday and Friday to play on Saturday. I’d prefer not to have this break and continue to work for Wolves.

“We have a break, but I don’t have the players to work. I have nine or ten players going for national teams. In this moment we need to continue to work, to play like we are playing.”

On continuing to improve

“When you win, you need to go for another match, every time thinking of improving. When you lose you’re the same way, the most important thing is to give confidence to my players to continue to work like we are working. I’m confident because the team are playing well and creating chances, so I’m confident.”