Lage | 'Since the first minute, I felt the support'

Bruno Lage thanked Wolves fans for the 90 minutes of support on Sunday and reiterates goals will come from his Wolves team.

The old gold registered 25 attempts against Tottenham Hotspur at Molineux but suffered another narrow loss following Dele Alli’s penalty. Similarly to against Leicester City, Lage was unhappy with the result but took heart from the performance and knows the results will turn around with hard work on the training pitch.

On having a full Molineux

“I’m very happy. A big welcome for Nuno, because the fans know the hard work he did here and after the whistle I felt the support for 90 minutes behind the team, to help us to do the performance like that.

“I knew the environment before because I was here before. It was a full house to support us and since the first minute I felt that support, not just for me, but for the players to do this performance.”

On another promising performance

“In the last 24 games we created 42 chances. I use the same words as before, unhappy with the result, but confident about the work we are doing and the way we play, for sure, the future will be good.

“I’m confident with our process. When I came, I challenged the players to play in this way. They accepted, they’re training hard to play like this, so we’re training all together, so this is the result of four or five weeks all together.

“That’s the challenge, to change and to play like we are playing and create the chances we created against, don’t forget, both teams Leicester and Tottenham, they won against the champions Manchester City. So, confident in the process.”

On the penalty incidents

“I think the first one was the right decision, but the second one, after one or two minutes, the same tackle in midfield was a foul. I don’t want to talk about referees, you have a lot of people seeing the games and VAR to analyse these kinds of altercations. For me, more important was the way we played and the way we created a lot of chances, but unfortunately, we didn’t score.”

On Traore’s performance

“Adama worked hard all week, first of all, I think he did a good performance, on the left and right. Attacking in transitions, the way we work, I think he can improve more and he’s working hard on his shooting. The most important thing is the way we created chances and, with work, goals will come.

“It’s not about Adama, it’s about the whole team, we created a lot of chances, now we need to score more goals.

“In the end, it’s important to score goals to get points. We need time to grow up, time to improve, but in the end we didn’t score and we need to win points because the competition is about winning points.”

On the hard work ahead

“I don’t believe in luck, but I believe in work, we will work hard, analysing the game, and preparing well for a strong opponent. I think we played against Tottenham and the game was ours, the way we defended, the way we pressed high, the way Tottenham put a lot of balls out of the pitch, the way we managed the ball side to side, the chances we created, it’s just about the goals and we need to score goals.”