Kilman | On second-half performance, fans back at Molineux and adapting to Lage

Maximilian Kilman insists everyone within the Wolves camp is confident heading into the start of a new Premier League campaign, despite ending pre-season in defeat to Celta Vigo at Molineux.

The defender is part of a squad which has been hard at work over the last six weeks in preparation for a visit to Leicester City next weekend, and Kilman believes the stronger second-half showing against Celta demonstrates the performances which the team have been aiming towards.

On an improved second-half performance

“It was a tough start to the game, but in the second-half, we grew a lot and we showed what we have been training and doing for the whole pre-season.

“If we can end the games like we did today, then we should have a good, strong season.”

On the fans returning to Molineux

“It was amazing. It’s been over 18 months, so to have them back, to give us a little boost is brilliant and it’s what we play for.”

On a happy gold and black camp

“We’re all very confident. We’ve had a long time under the new manager, we’ve been working well and we’re all really happy.

The atmosphere at the training ground is really good, so we’re all raring and ready to go for the season.”

On working under Lage

“Of course, we needed a bit of time to adapt in the first couple of weeks, just understanding the new ways he would like us to play.

“But now we’re really growing, as you saw today in the second-half, we really showed the determination and the drive that the manager has been asking for.”

On a busy pre-season

“We’ve had a lot of games, especially the other week in Spain when we had maybe five matches in the whole week and it’s been really good, and what we need.”

On preparing for a Premier League opener

“We’ve got our recovery on Monday and then we go again, ready for the start of the season.”