Coady | 'I can’t wait to feel Molineux again'

The thought of being able to “feel the adrenaline” of a Molineux atmosphere once again is getting Conor Coady excited for the season ahead.

Wolves took sizeable away followings to Stoke City and Coventry City over the weekend and they made themselves heard, whetting the appetite for a return to Molineux. That comes this coming Saturday against Celta Vigo and skipper Coady is desperate to be playing in front of a packed home once again, as preparations for the Premier League season intensify.

On having away fans back at games

“It’s incredible. I’ve said it plenty of times, I think our supporters are the best in the league, they’re absolutely incredible. I can’t tell you how much we missed them last year, I’ll be very honest.

“I can’t wait to get back to Molineux and feel it again, feel Molineux, feel them with us, feel the noise, feel the adrenaline they bring for the boys, and how excited they get.”

On rejoining the group

“It’s amazing, it’s always great to come back and see everybody, it’s an exciting time. We’ve come back, we’ve got a new manager, new staff, and we’re trying our best to listen to him every single day, to try take his ideas on board and take them into the game.

“It’s brilliant and it’s exciting for everybody, it’s exciting for us as players, but we want to keep on winning games, keep on moving forward and make sure we’re ready for two weeks’ time.”

On his first impressions of Lage

“He’s been great, he’s been enthusiastic, he’s been exciting on the training pitch in terms of a new way of playing, and making sure we’re doing things right on the training pitch.

“He’s been making sure we’re trying as much as we can on what he’s trying to implement, and you can see that. It’s something we need a lot of work on, we’ll keep on working on it as much as possible, but we’re halfway through pre-season, we know that brings a few tired legs, some balls going astray, but I thought the lads did really well, so a lot to build on and more forward.”

On Saturday’s Stoke test

“It was good, a real good test, against a good side, who are obviously a couple of weeks ahead, as they start next week. There are bits we’ve got to improve on, of course there are, it’s pre-season and for a couple of lads it’s only a week or two back in, but I think you can see the style that we’re trying to implement.

“We listen to our manager every single day, he’s been brilliant since we’ve been back, so we’re trying new things every single game and trying to implement them. It was a good workout and something we can build on.”

On Raul being back in the goals

“He’s amazing. I said we missed the supporters last year, but we missed Raul as well. We all know what he brings, he’s a world class striker, we all saw that on Saturday.

“We’ve all got a long way to go to try and help him because he’s been out for a very long time, and we’re all here to help him as much as we possibly can, but to have him back is absolutely amazing. We just hope he can score as many goals as he can for us this season.”

On the next fortnight ahead

“Building, improving, getting better. There’s a lot we need to work on, there’s a lot we need to improve on. We know that, and the good thing about this team is that we’re always willing to improve, willing to get better. You can see we’ve got a base and a platform to build on, and now we can build on it.

“It’s about working every single day, working hard, we’ve had double sessions, it’s been a tough week for me and three or four weeks for the boys, so it’s been tough, but we’re willing to do that, to make it work, we’re listening to the manager every day to try implement his ideas.”