Semedo | 'It was great to have them back'

Nelson Semedo thrived in his first experience of a Molineux atmosphere on Sunday, as the Portuguese scored his first goal in old gold on the day supporters returned.

Of course, numbers were limited inside Molineux, but those present made themselves heard and gave the team a visible lift during Nuno Espirito Santo’s last game in charge. The head coach watched Semedo pull his side level with a smart finish to open his account for Wolves, and the former Barcelona man says the pack made a big difference on Sunday.

On experiencing a Molineux crowd for the first time

“Of course, it changes, it changes a lot. It was great to have them back after 442 days without support. We still felt their support but it's not the same as having them in the stadium.

“So, very good, we were delighted with them, on Sunday they helped us a lot, we didn't win but I think we played a good game and they had a part in that.”

On his message to the fans

“It has now been a normal season, but we are going to keep working to always improve and we are going to try to give our best and I hope they keep supporting us because they are very important for us and next year is going to be a good one for sure.”

On Wolves’ season overall

“It was a different season, because of everything that happened, because of Covid, not having fans in the stadium, we had a lot of injuries too, we had phases that were not very good, but then we recovered, and one more season ends and it's time to rest.”

On being versatile in the squad

“I adapted quickly to what they asked me to do. Playing from right-back to left-back doesn't change much. What changes are the supports and the role, but I felt good with the formation that the boss wanted me to play, I played as a winger, I played as a full-back and I even played as a right inside midfielder, so I felt good in my first season here.”

On Jimenez’s injury

“It has been very complicated for us because Raul is a very important player for us and it has been hard to lose him, then we started a phase where we were not very good, but we had Fabio [Silva] who was very good and Willian [Jose] who came in to help and the good news is that he was ready to play, ready to help the team.

“But, of course, he is a very important player who scores a lot of goals and works a lot, so it was very hard for us to lose him.”

On Nuno's departure

“I can only say that it has been a pleasure to work with Nuno because he is amazing, and his staff are incredible. I thank him for everything he did for me, for bringing me here, for helping me and it is a shame that he has to leave but it is the cycle of football.”