Nuno provides positive update on Patricio

Nuno Espirito Santo has provided a positive update on the health of Rui Patricio after the Wolves goalkeeper had to be stretchered off the pitch late in his side’s defeat to Liverpool.

Wolves were pushing hard for a late equaliser against the Reds at Molineux before the Portugal number one took a heavy blow to the head as the game entered added time.

Following the head injury sustained to Raul Jimenez earlier in the season, the players and staff were clearly concerned for Patricio, but Nuno has said his keeper is speaking and aware after spending more than 10 minutes receiving treatment on the pitch.

On the injury to Patricio

“We just had an update now and he's OK. He’s totally conscious and he remembers what happened. He’s aware, so it should be OK.

“We have spoken already. All these situations when it’s a concussion and the head, all of us are worried. But he is OK, he’s going to recover.

“We’ve spoken to the doctor and he told me he’s going to be OK. I think he was immediately assisted well by the doctors.

“Of course, we need to take the right precautions, because it’s a concussion to the head, so it’s something we have to be aware of, but the first signs are OK.”

On the danger of concussions

“Every time there is a concussion in the head everybody on the pitch gets worried; the teammates, the opponents, because it’s a serious situation.

“It’s one of the situations that all of us are questioning, but the law is clear. The referees keep the flag down, they play to the whistle, the players must go till the end and situations can happen.

“This won’t be the last time it happens, for sure.”

On a narrow defeat to Liverpool

“I think we played a good game. First-half we started better, we dominated, we were competitive, we had chances, we covered the ball, we defended well, we coped with the speed of Liverpool and we played good football with some chances that we should take advantage of.

“It was a very competitive game. We played well, and we were able to control many of the situations Liverpool produced, being able to control their speed, control the deep. There are things we have to improve; better decisions, better passing, better finishing, but a fantastic effort from the players.

“It’s very difficult to play against Liverpool because there is always the danger of the speed, so we always have to stay balanced. But we have to recover the ball and go and take some risks. The result was not good, but the attitude was fantastic.”


On improvements needed in the final third

“I think we needed the final pass, but the building and the creation was good. The players played a good game and were very competitive.

“The creation was there, we produced, so we must be accurate on the final touch. We will improve and we will be supportive of the players, because they have talent and they can do much better.

“It’s something that we always try but it’s difficult, these final touches, the final pass, the clinical situations that we need to finish and we need to improve.”

On early penalty appeal

“I didn’t see the images yet of the situation between Nelson [Semedo] and Alisson. On the pitch, I’m very far to be, but I’m going to see the images now.

“But like I say, it’s the job of the referees and you always hope for the best and VAR gives correct decisions.”

On targets for the season

“The same target we always have; improvement, competing well, trying to adjust some things – I think defensively we were better, just the situation of the goal that we became a little unbalanced – and we have been able to sustain our performance from the first-half to the second-half.

“This is the target that we aim, trying to finish the season, but there is a lot of football to be played, so competing, improving and take us till the end in a good way.”

On the upcoming international break

“We will keep on working. Many of our players will go to nation teams, but we will have a lot who will stay here and we have a lot of work.

“It’s about working, and when we receive the players from national team it’s about moving from one-on-one to preparing for the next game. But we always keep engaged on our work.”