Neto | On Liverpool, becoming a star and aiming for the top

Pedro Neto insists Wolves have been working to change their mentality and hope to put in a positive first-half performance when they face Liverpool at Molineux on Monday evening.

The winger, who has been a key man in Nuno Espirito Santo’s side this season, topping both the goals and assist charts with five each, has embraced his new starring role in just his second year at the club, but after turning 21 this week, knows there is plenty of improvement still to be made.

On preparing to face the reigning champions

“We are working hard and improving our game as we are already fully focused on Liverpool. We are trying to change or mentality to go a little bit better in the first-half, and we are looking forward to the game because it will be a good game, a hard game.

“It’s always a difficult game against Liverpool because they have a very good team, but we have to take the opportunities in these difficult games to show that we have personality to play and to show our game.”

On coming up against a makeshift Reds defence

“I have to be honest, I would rather play against van Dijk or Matip because I like to test myself against the best so I can improve my game. The best thing we can do in football to learn, is to play with the best.

“I came to this league to play with the best and to play against the best, and to show that I can do my job and play my game whoever is on the pitch.”

On taking Jota’s mantle at Wolves

“I wouldn’t say it was with Diogo going to Liverpool, even when I was not playing a lot and Diogo was the starter, even if I was playing 25 minutes, I have to be hard on myself because I always wanted to give a goal or an assist.

“People say that I’m working hard, and I recognise that. I feel good in myself, so when I go to the game, I always try to give a goal or an assist to help the team. This is the most important.”

On being called Wolves’ best player this season by Neves

“It means a lot. One of the best things in football is to be recognised, especially by your teammates, because that is the best feeling.

“That’s because they play too, they know what we are doing and they know what I do all day, so to hear Ruben say that was an unbelievable feeling.

“Even more because he’s an amazing player and I had no words to describe how I felt when he said that. I hope to continue to help my team, so they continue to recognise my game.

“I don’t think about being the best, all I want to do is help my teammates, to come here every day to enjoy the day with them, enjoy playing with them, and then I will let other people talk about me.

“If they say I’ve been the best, then it’s good to be recognised, but I will focus on my game.”

On continuing to develop

“I want to do better than this. I always want to do improve and be better. I always want to be the best. All the seasons I am here at Wolves, I always want to improve and get better each time.

“I can always be recognised for these fans and this club and I hope to continue with that.

“I’m hard on myself. Every day I come here to work and to improve. I want to do better, to improve my game, to improve my mentality, and I come here every day to work hard and to be the best.

“Sometimes I don’t see where I am at 21-years-old, but I will continue so at 21 I can achieve more things, I hope with this club.”