Neto calls for an unforgettable back half of the season

Pedro Neto wants Wolves to take their second-half performance from Sunday as an example into their remaining matches this season, so they can finish the campaign in a way that the players and supporters will not forget.

The winger, who switched with Adama Traore from the left to the right in the second period, put in a stunning performance to inspire Wolves to victory and scored an exquisite winning goal which he hopes he can carry on as Wolves host Leeds United on Friday night.

On improving in the second-half

“We did poor in the first-half, in terms of how Wolves play and being aggressive. They were above us in winning the duels and being aggressive, but in the second-half we did a good response and we played like we always want to play.

“But then we speak in the locker room at half time and we say that we have to improve on these terms. I think in the second half it was the most important.

“We did a very good job as a team. We worked harder than them in the second-half, winning the duels, having quality in the game. In the first-half I think we start better, but then we went down a little bit. In the second-half, we stayed high all the game and we did very well.”

On the changes the were made at half-time

“If you noticed, we changed a little bit of our way to play; Adama was to the left side and I went to the right side to play more inside, it was more tactical. In terms of being aggressive and winning the duels, that was the most important thing in the second half, like they did in the first-half.

“We know to win this game, we had to improve, because they were winning the duels. They were being more aggressive than us, and like I said, I think it was the most important in this game.

“Winning the duels, the second balls, and then we had the quality in the second-half and we scored two goals and we are very happy.”

On his winning goal

“Ruben passed me the ball and then I remember that Ruben was asking me for the ball back, because he always does, so I give the first touch behind.

“Then I saw that I didn’t have space to pass to Ruben, and I check on the guy and I did a good goal.

“I am very happy to be scoring and I have to thank my team-mates for their work. I know that it’s not been our best season, but we are trying to work and do a second half of the season that we won’t forget because we want to do better.

“I have to thank my teammates because the goals and assists I get are from them, and we are very happy.”

Pedro Neto reflects on his goal and the come-from-behind win at Southampton

On taking the momentum into the next match

“We have to take this second-half that we did as an example, because we did a very good second-half, we pressed high, we were very aggressive, we won duels and we had quality in the game.

“We were very good in the second-half, and we have to take it as an example for the next games because we are working harder than the others. It’s very difficult to beat us, so we go again.”