Jose | On expectations, the winning feeling and facing Leicester

Willian Jose believes Wolves have enough quality among their squad to make it back to back wins at Molineux as the team host Leicester City on Sunday afternoon.

The Brazilian striker made his home debut in the old gold’s victory over Arsenal in mid-week having switched La Liga for the Premier League as he joined on loan from Real Sociedad until the end of the season and has already put in positive performances in his opening appearances as he adapts to his new surroundings.

On facing Leicester at Molineux

“I saw a bit of their game on Wednesday. They have some great players, quality players, but I believe that we have to be prepared and trust in our group and our players, because we also have a lot of quality.

“We have very good players who represent their national teams, so we have to be concerned about what we do, because I believe that if we do things well we can get a win.”

On picking up three points again Arsenal

“For the first 20 minutes, it was a very difficult game. We were not playing well, and after 20 minutes or so we started to settle into the game, we started to have more possession and we had some chances and some shots on target. It was a different game after that.

“Then after David Luiz was sent off, it was easier for us to work the ball, and be more patient. Then, Joao’s goal came, which also brought us peace of mind, and thankfully things went very well in the end.”

On making the loan move to Wolves

“I’m happy to be here and happy for the opportunity to play in the Premier League. It’s an honour and I hope to stay here longer. The Premier League is the best competition in the world, so every player dreams of playing in the Premier League.

“Brazilian football is more similar to Spanish football, you have more time on the ball, and here it is totally different, it’s all about speed and strength, because there’s more possession on the flanks, so you have to be constantly on your toes, because anything can happen.

“At Wolves, it’s similar to how we played at Real Sociedad. We move fast on the flanks as well, we play at pace, with a lot of quality.”

On the feeling the support of his new fans

“I noticed after the last game, I got a lot of messages. I felt very happy because it wasn’t easy for me to leave Real Sociedad. I’d been there for four-and-a-half years.

“I was very happy there and I was happy to play for Real Sociedad, with the city too, and my wife is pregnant, so I was at home there, but when the opportunity came to come here, it made me happy.

“Having challenges is important in anyone's life, and to be prepared for any moment, so I’m very happy to come here, do things well, do what’s asked of me and help my teammates here. We won the last game and have belief, and of course we can keep on winning now.”

On expectations during his loan

“I hope to do my best, as I always do, while helping my teammates. Of course, forwards need to score goals, and I think the most important thing is that the team is playing well and getting points, because if the team plays well, then naturally a player like me will stand out.

“I talked to Nuno in the first day of training. He said he wanted me to play, and that he knows me and that I’d get a chance. I knew a little about how Wolves play because for two or three years I’ve been watching how they play here.

“He asked me to get into the box because I’m an attacker who isn’t just a box player, I like to drop deep and get the ball and make things happen, so it’s important to me that he's happy with my performances and I hope I can continue to help him as well.

“I came here to do my best, to do things well, but we need to win games, we need to get points, and I feel that I’ll play an important part in the challenge we have ahead of us in the second half of the season.”