Neves | 'They were a huge three points'

Ruben Neves believed Wolves’ first Premier League win in nine will be a ‘huge’ three points in their quest to bounce back from the most disappointing spell in his time at the club.

The midfielder put his team back on level terms against Arsenal from the penalty spot on the stroke of half-time before Portugal teammate Joao Moutinho’s thunderous strike secured Wolves first top-flight win of 2021.

On taking the three points

“It feels amazing. It’s really hard when we try everything we can to win and the results have just not been coming.

“We knew we needed to improve our game a lot, because we were struggling a little bit, but today, we finally get the three points. We’re still not on our best form, we still need to improve, but these three points mean a lot for us.

“At home, against as big a team as Arsenal, who were in good form and were playing really well, they were a huge three points.”

On gaining a penalty to equalise

“It was really good for us. It was a big moment for us from some very good play. Willian was very important to hold the ball from their centre halves, but the pass from Daniel was a great play for our team and we deserved for that play to finish in a goal.

“It was really good for us, a big moment in the game, because Arsenal are a very good team and we were trying to get in the game and trying to control the game and we did that after the half-time.”

On Moutinho’s long-range stunner

“We have a lot of quality in our squad, so this can happen in all the games. We always have someone who can do something different and today it was Joao – what an amazing goal. I watched it from behind and it was unbelievable, he kicked the ball really well.

“But every time we can have players doing that, today it was Joao and I’m very happy for him because he’s deserved it, he’s an amazing player who brings a lot to our team.

"I’m really happy for him and I’m really happy for the team because it’s an amazing three points for us, a huge three points for us, because it will give us confidence for the rest of the season.”

On ending the winless run

“When things are well, it’s always easier to work, but the really good teams need to come back when things are not going well.

“It’s really good for us that we talk, but we’ve been talking a lot during these last games, because it’s not been easy to play, to do everything we can and not get the results when we were in really frustrating moments.

“The last few games have not been easy for us. We’ve tried our best to get the points, but we did not get them, so today, we wanted to play well, but mainly we wanted the three points and it didn’t matter how we played.

“But it’s good that we played really well. We were struggling a little bit at the beginning of the game, but that was about our confidence, we need to get that confidence back and today we got the three points, so we can start doing some good things in the Premier League.”

On being the start of a positive spell

“We hope so. We’ve been waiting for this win, after a lot of games without one. But it’s football, it’s the Premier League and it’s a really hard league to play in.

“Some of the games we’ve lost in the last ten games, we’d played really well, and some of them we were struggling in and not playing well, but that’s football.

“We’ve been working a lot and we’re working at our maximum to get to winning ways again. We did it today and we will be working this week on a new game and we will start going game by game again, and we hope we can get results after this one.”