Nuno | ‘We will get through this’

Nuno Espirito Santo has acknowledged that he has to deal with the poor run of form Wolves are currently experiencing and try to find the way to turn the team’s fortunes around.

With the Covid pandemic, lack of consistency in his squad and an injury list never seen before under his tutelage at Molineux, Nuno – who’s fondness for routine and receptiveness has been disrupted severely this season – is still trying to find the right solutions to get Wolves back on track under difficult circumstances.

On a season like no other

“I miss when I was asked about the squad and I say, ‘Everybody’s ok’, over and over again. Now, we don’t have this, so for sure it’s one of the toughest moments that we have, but we will go through this. Things will get better.

“When you start a season and you prepare a squad, the expectations and the ambitions are always the best ones that you can have. Then, the circumstances that happened that you cannot control and you start dealing with the situation of it.

“We were impacted with serious injuries and serious situations that put important players out and we deal with that the best way. Now is the moment to react to it and we will have moment to analyse and prepare again.

“But it’s about trusting and helping each other. What we cannot ever lose is this spirit of a pack. That’s why I say the solutions are here and they are with us, and we have to improve. Let’s forget about what happened, let’s start strong.”

On how Wolves will improve

I have to deal with it. Face the situation, realising what’s happening, all the circumstances that happened with us, and trying very hard to find the best way to help the team, help our players to improve.

“We have to help our players improve, this is how I address things and my biggest concern – what do we have to do to improve our players. It’s a time to analyse and recognise which players are the best ones to face each and every game.

“We are playing games in three days, it requires management and fitness aspects, all the issues we have, but it’s not about senior players, it’s about players that can deliver and make their tasks the best way in this moments.”

On Cutrone’s loan move to Valencia

“We recalled Patrick because he was not in the best situation. We needed one more option in attack and that moment we stopped it and we still believe it was the best move for everybody.

“Now, with the arrival of Willian, dialogue, and realising what is better for Patrick, all parts came to the conclusion for him to go on loan until the end of the season to Valencia was the best move.

“What we wish is for him to feel happy again and to play his football. A striker is always obsessed with goals and that’s his main concern.

“But before that, Patrick has to work very hard, wherever he is, he has to work very hard, commit to a daily work so he can start scoring and playing, and being what we expect from him – a good option for us in the future.”

On injuries to all three left-backs

“We’ve had problems on that side of defence. The players who are able to play there, Marcal, Jonny, Rayan [Ait-Nouri], [Romain] Saiss, we don’t have them now.

“Jonny went to Spain and saw the specialist that operated on him. All the signs are good, he rejoined us for yesterday’s training and today. He’s getting closer, so he’s getting better to be in the squad. I cannot say a date. He’s working, he still has some tests to do, some protocols to follow, but he’s getting better, he’s training, and when the moment comes, it will be very good for us.

“Rayan came out at half-time with a problem on his left abductor. He has a small injury there, so will need some time.

“On Marcal, we made a small surgery in the abdominal area, now he is recovering. He is getting better, but I think it’s some time to go until he re-joins the group, but we have to find the solution. But it’s not about being disappointed on not having those options, it’s about finding the best ones to try to deliver.”

On online reaction from supporters

“The fans are always important and we miss them a lot. We miss them on all the circumstances because fans are the most fair judge that you have. Fans are always, in all aspects, before the game, during the game, after the game, what football is all about.

“[On Twitter] you never know who’s behind there. You never know who’s writing that. That’s why I say the fair judge in football is at the end of the game when you get that good or bad response; a boo or a cheer, an applause or a whistle – it’s fair.

“Football was made to be seen inside the stadiums. If you see a game on the TV, the camera follows the ball and you don’t see the game, you don’t feel the game, you just see what the camera shows you.

“That’s why I say fans all over the world are the most fair to judge of your performance, because they are there in the stadium and they feel it.

“They are sincere and honest during, after, they are honest and share their feelings. When you play good and you win, you celebrate together, or you play good and you don’t win, they are fair to you because they see all the actions of the players, and this is what we miss.”