Coady on putting things right after Palace reverse

Captain Conor Coady acknowledges Wolves are in a bad place, following defeat at Crystal Palace on Saturday, but insists the group will rally and come through it together.

Defeat at Selhurst Park made it eight games without a win for Nuno Espirito Santo’s side, who had chances to earn something from the game, but were out of luck in front of goal. However, Wolves are in a tough period and Coady insists it needs addressing and quickly, with almost half the Premier League season still to play.

On his most challenging period

“We’re in a place we don’t want to be in at the minute. It’s tough, we’ve got to come through it. We’re a team, we need to put it right as soon as possible because we’re in a really bad way.

“We’ve come here on the back of an alright result in midweek and thought we could get a bit of good motivation going and we’ve not done that. We’ve got beat and I don’t really know what to say, we’ll look at the game, we need to improve because we’re in a bad place.”

On a lack on confidence

“It’s been a tough season from start to finish for us, but only we can put it right, only the players on the pitch can put that right, us players and staff, and we need to do that as quick as possible.

“It’s tough, it’s hard to put your finger on it, it’s not just today, it’s been a tough season overall. It’s important we look at it and improve.”

On how to put it right

“You’ve got to get through it somehow. We’re professionals, we’re football players and lucky enough to do this job every day, and we’ve got to put it right as soon as possible.

“We’ve got a second half of the season to go, where we need to really push on and get better. It’s only us that can do it. It’s tough to put your finger on where we are and what we’re doing, but something’s going wrong and we need to put it right.”

On pulling through it together

“A lot of things have happened, we’re a team as one, you don’t look at certain individual player who’ve been big for the club over time.

“We’ve got some fantastic players who came to the club in the summer, we’ve got some fantastic players who were here before, so we’ll never start pointing fingers, it’s something as a team that we’re not doing right and we need to put it right as soon as possible.”