Nuno on what Jose will bring to Wolves

Willian Jose will come straight into contention in a Wolves shirt once his work permit is finalised, according to head coach Nuno Espirito Santo.

The Brazilian forward moved to Molineux from Real Sociedad over the weekend and is waiting for the final pieces of paperwork, before he arrives in the UK. However, once there, Nuno is expecting a strong option which will help him find more solutions, as Wolves hunt for a return to form in the Premier League.

On the Jose situation

“We’re still waiting on the work permit to be solved. Things are going and it’s just a matter of time for everything to be OK. Having a work permit has an exception on the quarantine, as long as Willian has tested negative back in Spain. We are waiting also on that result. I believe after everything is solved, he’ll join the group.”

On the qualities Jose will bring

“Talent, quality, experience. He’s a very good player that can be a big help for the team now. First, we have to see how he is, but he’s been competing since the beginning of the season.

“One week ago he played the full game, so in terms of fitness, he’s ready and it’s a matter of integrating him into the philosophy of the team, the ideas, being available is a moment for us to decided when is the appropriate situation.”

On how he’ll fit in at Wolves

“He’s a different player to what we already have. He has experience, he links well, he’s a finisher, a goalscorer, so inside the options we have, I think he can really help the team, especially with the absence of Raul [Jimenez].

“The situation of Patrick [Cutrone] coming with not so many minutes, Fabio [Silva] trying really hard, but we need to be aware of how he’s doing things, his age, so Willian can be another solution for us.

“In the FA Cup we played with Patrick and Fabio together, we expected more, but we didn’t have too much time to work as a two, they are knowing each other, so having Willian gives us another option if we want to integrate a front two. Having more options gives you more solutions and this is how we work.

“Our philosophy has always been a balance of experience and youth, but circumstances made up have to react and I think it was a good reaction to try and bring open more option for us for the rest of the season.”

On preparing for Chelsea

“We don’t know exactly how Chelsea are going to present themselves. We don’t know the manager. What we know is the quality and talent of the Chelsea players. We expect a tough match and whatever the manager is, he won’t have much time to impose his own ideas, so we think it’ll be lose to what Frank [Lampard] was doing before.

“We are talking about a very good team, a squad full of talented players, so we are aware tomorrow is going to be very demanding and tough for us.”

On turning things around

“I’ve reached all the conclusions I needed to reach. We are playing good, we are not being as compact as we should, we are making mistakes that are costing us and making games harder for us. But we are scoring goals, we are creating chances.

“The players are not OK; they are not happy. Every time a game finishes and we didn’t get what we wanted from the game; nobody is happy. Everybody has the experience to know the only solution is to improve, to improve individually, as a team, to get things better.

“We work hard when things don’t go well. What we do, we work more, we try to do things better, this is our spirit. It’s not that we’re playing bad, we’re making mistakes that we have to try and not make to improve our game. We have to get back important players, and this is what we’re trying, working very hard for things to go better.”

On Jonny’s progress

“He’s closer. He’s been working with us. Not on all the situations, but it’s according to the plan. He’s travelling to have an opinion on the surgery and after that I’m positive that a couple of weeks more he’ll be ready to go.”