Nuno | 'We have to react'

Nuno Espirito Santo has called for drastic improvements from his Wolves players after a run of five Premier League fixtures without victory.

His side fell to a Black Country derby defeat to West Bromwich Albion on Saturday afternoon, but although admitting his disappointment in recent results, the head coach believes that there are solutions to be found inside his squad to help turn games in Wolves’ favour.

On derby defeat at Molineux

“We’re disappointed, frustrated about the way we played and the result. The game was about the beginning of the second-half and we started very poorly.

“We didn’t do a good game. It was not the best performance. We didn’t achieve a good result, and disappointing because it meant a lot for us, for our fans and we didn’t do what we should do.

“We started the game badly and reacted well, but the restart of the second half was very bad again, conceding goals that makes our tasks very hard.

“We tried to adjust and tried to do what we think we should do and that was to control the game. At the beginning of the second-half we were being more aggressive on defence, and we didn’t do it.”

On conceding from set-pieces

“We knew that West Brom was trying to do these kinds of things; throw-ins, long-balls, set-pieces and we didn’t defend well.

“Two penalties and one throw-in, that we knew would require better defending from us, and we didn’t do it. We allowed the goals, and we need to concentrate more and do better.

“Not only today, we have been struggling with that part of the game for some while now, and we need to work hard and try to improve.”

On finding ways to improve

“We had good chances that require better finishes, but it was very hard to go against who defends well, aggressive, compact, a lot of men behind the ball, but we did some situations, that require better finishing.

“We are all disappointed. We are aware that it’s not a good moment for us, it’s a bad moment, and A lot of things are going wrong. We have to react to it and work very hard for the next one.

“We think that [a back four] is better for us when you consider the players that we have, we feel the formation suits us better, but it’s time to analyse and see the next steps forward.

“It’s the moment to analyse the squad and prepare the next one. The solution is here with us, we must find better solutions and better players.”

On Silva’s first Molineux goal

“He already scored before, but if he works hard, he will do good. It’s not about confidence, as he has the support of all of us, because he’s a talented player.

“He had good chances and he scored the goal, so we’ll keep supporting him and trying to improve him.”