Coady | Man United defeat a 'sucker punch'

Conor Coady was devastated to come away empty handed from their 1-0 defeat to Manchester United on Tuesday evening after he believed the whole Wolves team had put their heart and soul into their performances.

Captaining a side which included two full debutants who were part of four players under the age of 20 to start the match, while 18-year-old Fabio Silva was brought on in the second-half, Coady felt his young team deserved to come away with at least a point from their travels to Old Trafford.

On conceding a last-minute goal

“I can’t put it into words. Up until the end we put everything into it, we’ve left everything out there and we felt hard done by, because we feel like we deserved more from the game because we’ve come to Old Trafford and putting in the performance we did. But to concede a goal like that is a sucker punch and it was tough to take.

“It’s come from a long ball which we should have dealt with it better, but it’s gone in. It’s just absolutely gutting to concede in that way when you put in what we’ve put into this game.

“It’s one of them that we’ll look at. I thought we dealt with the long ball well all night because they’re dangerous in those positions and have some fantastic passers of the ball, fantastic runners off the ball as well, and I felt like we dealt with it, but it was a sucker punch.”

On deserving more from the game

“Coming off the pitch, we felt like we did deserve more. It’s the one bit of bad luck we’ve had and we’re absolutely gutted. We left everything out on there.

“When you get to that late in the game, you definitely don’t want to lose, you at least want to come away with at least a point.

“But with the short period of time between games as well, for the lads to do what they did was brilliant, but we need to learn from it as quick as possible.”

On playing to win

“We wanted to win the game and you saw that with the way we played, we wanted to have the ball, move the ball, move it well, create chances and I think we did that.

“We came here to win it, we come into every game to win it, no matter where you come, to Old Trafford, it doesn’t matter, we came here to win the game and I think you saw that with the way we played.

“We created chances and not many teams come here and create the chances that we did, but it’s massively disappointing and something we need to look at as we go to the next game.”

On a squad full of young players

“All the young boys have come into a team who’s learning, a team who’s growing every single game because we’re trying to find new ways of playing, but we want to be picking up point as well.

“We want to be learning, but we want to pick up points as we learn, so to come away with a loss is really tough to take.

“I’ve got full trust in this football club, all the players here, the young players coming through, and we’re all learning – the young players are learning, I’m still learning, everybody’s learning every single day.

“It’s not just the lads out on the pitch, it’s the whole squad every day in training, so I have got no qualms about that – we win together, we draw together, and we lose together.”