Coady wants Chelsea win to be a springboard

Conor Coady insists Wolves must use Tuesday’s emotion-fuelled victory over Chelsea as a momentum builder when heading in the busy festive period.

Pedro Neto’s stoppage time winner over the Blues provided a colossal lift amongst the group and saw the memory of back-to-back defeats banished in an instant. However, the skipper isn’t going to dwell on the victory for long, particularly with a hectic schedule ahead, starting at Turf Moor on Monday, and Coady now wants the three points to be the start of something good.

On using Chelsea as a springboard

“Coming off the pitch, we were talking about moving forward now. You don’t want to dwell, we enjoyed Tuesday, it was a fantastic night for the football club against a really top team, so it was big, but we want to keep on moving forward and getting better.

“You could see in the last few weeks, whether it’s a four or five, it doesn’t matter, we just want to keep getting better and pick up result. I think everybody knows this team will keep on doing that, moving forward to try and get better, and that’s the most important thing for us.”

On returning to a back five

“We’re always trying to get better. We’ve done that since the first day the Gaffer came in. Whether it’s a back four or five, we’ve always got the same principles in terms of trying to stick together, stay close and keep the identity of the football club. That’s when we’re at our best.

“I think it’s obvious when you’ve played a five for so long and go back to it, it’s always going to be a little bit more comfortable, but that doesn’t stop us wanting to improve in a four. Whatever the Gaffer wants to go forward with is great and we enjoy improving.”

On composed defending on Tuesday

“We always say, especially in the Premier League where it’s so fast, if you start taking two touches when you’re in tight bits of pressure, you get caught out, so we always try to play one touch out of pressure. We want to try and make that count in our area; it gets us out on the counter attack.

“We’ve got some fantastic players going forward and we know that, so it’s important you play one touch out of pressure, and the more we do that will help us moving forward. We can always improve, always get better, and that’s something we want to improve again.”

On Neto’s dramatic winner

“You’re just praying for him to score, honestly, just to work a bit of magic to work it in the bottom corner like he did. There’s no better feeling than winning like that, coming from 1-0 to win. It shows the character, we’ve done it quite a lot over the years, coming back in games. We don’t want to go down, but we did and the way we won it was fantastic.

“The lads kept on going, it became a bit of a basketball match at the end which we don’t want, but when you’ve got to deal with it, you deal with it, and luckily we’ve got some top players at the other end of the pitch who do what they do. It’s a fantastic finish and something we’ll enjoy.”

On the Neto and Podence partnership

“They’re fantastic. The best thing about them is they’re brilliant people. They’re here to improve the football club. I say it plenty of times about the lads who come. They’ve got quality, of course, they’ve got talent, all the talent in the world, you see some of the touches, Pedro’s goal, the skill from Daniel, but they want to improve. That’s what’s so good about having them at our club.”

On Otasowie’s impressive debut

“It’s the confidence he showed which was fantastic. Stepping out with the ball, showing how powerful he is. He’s a great lad and you see him improving every day in training. He gets on with his business and is trying to get better.

“It was fantastic to see him out there. Over the years we’ve played a lot of young lads and he’s the next one and I thought he was fantastic. He kept his shape, stayed together because it’s not an easy game to come into.”