Neto aiming to extend unbeaten run

Pedro Neto is pleased to have been able to show what he can do on the Premier League stage having joined Wolves as a relative unknown just over 12 months ago.

Having received his first call-up to the senior Portugal side on Thursday, just two days after signing a new five-year contract with Wolves, the 20-year-old is hoping to head off to his national team on the back of an impressive result against Leicester City having been a key part of the club’s unbeaten October.

On showing his qualities this season

“When I arrived here, I don’t think anybody knew me, now the work that I’m doing here, I’m sure my friends are proud of what I’m doing and it’s very good when your work is recognised by other people, so I’m very happy.

“The team mentality is to go day by day, game by game, and what we showed in the last few games is that we’ve improved a lot.

“We have done two very good games and, although against Newcastle we drew, and it wasn’t the result that we wanted, I thought we were worth more than what we got.

“We won this last one [against Crystal Palace], it was a very performance, but we are now developing our game and we will continue that for the rest of the season.”

On Wolves mirroring Nuno’s image

“The way that the team thinks is the way that the coach thinks. The way that we work is the way that the coach wants us to work. He has his character and he passes this character to the team.

“The team plays the way that he wants, but of course we have our own talents as individuals, but we have our shape, and the shape is how the manager thinks.

“The way that we are in the game, the focus, it comes from the manager.”

On taking his personality onto the pitch

“The way I am off the field shows a little bit of who I am when I’m in the game. I like to be alive, to enjoy the game and to help my teammates.

“I like to be funny and show people that I enjoy my game, but it’s like that. I just try to do my best. I want to help the club. The club have helped me a lot, so I want to achieve very good things here.

“We have already achieved very good things, but we can always achieve more because of the players that we have. I want to enjoy the club and enjoy my time here.”

Pedro Neto talks to Wolves TV after signing his new five-year deal!

On a Leicester side chasing European spots

“It’s very difficult in the Premier League because all the teams compete for all the places. It’s not fair to say that there are only so many teams who can compete for the top six because normally you have teams that surprise – that’s the way that the Premier League is.

“It is very hard, but this is why the mentality of the team has to be going game by game. We now have Leicester to come and it will be a difficult game; the way that they are playing and the way that they played last season shows the value of their team, but we go to win.

“Last season they were strong and this season I think they’ve come stronger, because it’s not the same team, they’ve developed their game, although they have the same manager.

“It will be very difficult, but like us, we are also developing our game, and we are very strong, so we go into the game to win.”