Nuno | On bouncing back, improvements and Semedo

Primarily happy with the result over Fulham, but Nuno Espirito Santo acknowledged his Wolves side must improve further and will do after time on the training pitch.

Pedro Neto fired home the only goal with an impressive strike on 56 minutes, meaning Wolves banished the memory of back-to-back defeats in the Premier League. Fulham came on strong in the closing stages, where Wolves managed to keep them at bay, but Nuno wants to see games managed better in the future.

On bouncing back from West Ham

“It was one of the positive aspects, we were able to bounce back in terms of result, but not quite in terms of performance.

“We have to assess the moment of the season, it’s a hard moment for everybody, but I’m proud of the boys because they stuck until the end, defended, players struggling, getting to their limits, but we had to pass this barrier so we can be sharper.”

On result over performance

“The result was good; the performance has a lot of aspects to improve. We started well, against a very organised team, Fulham were well organised and didn’t risk too many spaces.

“We lacked creativity to finish the actions, we just finished one action, so a lot of things. I think in defence we were OK, solid and compact, we didn’t allow too many things.

“We scored the goal and the team didn’t respond with good possessions, control and manage the game, so it’s an aspect we need to improve.”

On what needs to improve

“We need to get sharper, definitely. The only thing now is the players go to national teams. We need time on the training ground to get sharper, so the combinations go better, it’s always one bad pass, one back reception.”

On what needed to change at the break

“We needed to be patient, but at the same moment it was important to not unbalance ourselves, staying in the game, knowing that first we have to be organised, so we can produce in our attack.

“We did that in the second-half, I think in the second-half we had more combinations. We had a clear chance and put Fulham against the ropes, and we achieved the goal.”

On a lack of rhythm

“It’s for all the teams. You can see the difference, the teams which had more rest are responding better, but we’ll get there.

“Now the players go to national teams, almost the whole squad, and when they return, we’ll get sharper. A lot of work in front of us.”

On Fulham’s pressure at the end

“I think that moment required better management. Things that we have to improve, clearly things that we did before, that that we were clearly not doing so well.

“We need time to practice, the players need time to work hard, to prepare themselves, because it’s very tough in this moment of the game. 90 minutes is tough and it’s something we have to assess.

“The players go to national teams now, hopefully they return healthy in all aspects, physically, and we don’t know how the FA’s going to deal with protocols of the Covid and testing, it’s worrying moments for football.”

On Semedo’s showing

“It’s not an injury. Nelson only played 45 minutes, it’s his second game, he needs to get better physically. The talent and the idea of the team, he’s got it already, and he need to improve himself.”