Jimenez | ‘I’m delighted to be at this great club’

Raul Jimenez insists there is still more to come after signing a new four-year deal at Wolves as he extends his Molineux stay until the summer of 2024.

Having agreed a new contract, the current number nine sat down with Wolves’ most renown owner of that famous gold and black shirt – legendary goalscorer Steve Bull – to discuss his two years at the club, the feeling of scoring in front of the old gold faithful and what he still wants to achieve.

On signing a new contract at Wolves

“I am delighted to be here and to be at this great club. Since I was a little boy, I just wanted to play, I wanted to enjoy it, live it, and that’s why I am here for.

“They give me all the confidence and the opportunity to be an important guy at the front, and that’s what I was looking for when I arrived into Europe, and I’m very happy to continue at this club.

“It didn’t take much persuading! It was easy for me to say yes because since the beginning, this is what I was looking for.

“The last two seasons we have given very good performances, so I knew this club has something special and I’m part of a big family here.

“I think Wolves are getting the best out of me, and I’m giving Wolves my best football, but they are giving the best to me too.”


On wearing the famous number nine shirt

“I find it very comfortable because it’s a number that has always been for strikers, and since I was a little kid, I liked number nine.

“For my national team, I’m number nine too, so I’m delighted to be the Wolves number nine because it’s not easy to have that honour, and I’m very happy to have it.”

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On feeling at home in Wolverhampton

“We are happy here. We are now with the baby – so I have some good days, some not so good – but we are now at home.

“We like it here because it’s quiet, the people are very warm and even when we go to walk with the dogs, sometimes the people recognise me and just say hi.

“You can be outside like you are one of them. You can’t do that in Mexico City, you can’t do that in Portugal, so I’m very happy to be here in this city.”

On being part of the pack

“All of us here are together. Like we say, we are a pack, we are a very good family. We all work together, we all work hard for our same tasks, and that’s what makes us special.

“We try every match to give our best, and sometimes it’s difficult – the opponents are having a better day than us – but always; from the first minute to the end, we try to give our best, work hard and keep going like that.”

On the feeling of scoring at Molineux

“I love it. I think it’s the best thing in football – scoring goals. When you see the ball touching the net, it’s something that’s a very special moment. I want to make history here and I want to be one of the best strikers, but I have to keep going and keep working hard like, I’m always doing.

“I’m going to have to score more goals, but that’s what I’m working for. It’s a very special moment when you score, with all the crowd and the people in the stadium. Now, it’s difficult, but when they are singing, when they are with you, you can feel it.

“I always want to score. Every game. If I have one opportunity, I want to score, but sometimes, if we have the three points, if we have a successful team, then that’s the most important things for everybody.”

On his connection with the Wolves supporters

“Since the beginning, we made that connection. I didn’t know too much about Wolves, or Wolverhampton, but I don’t think they knew too much about me, but I have received their confidence.

“I remember at the beginning, my first game here at home was against Villarreal in pre-season, and I scored a goal in that match. There was a ‘click’. Right at that moment we made a connection and I feel very happy to have them on my own side.

“They are here every time, the stadium is always full and they are there when we need them. Even if we are away, the area that is specified for them is full too, so they are amazing. You can always hear them. Wherever you are, they are there.

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On goals for the future

“We reached seventh place the last two seasons, we got into the Europa League in my first season, but I think we can do better.

“We can be in the top six, but we have to think big, we have to aim high, and then we have to prove it. We can talk about it, but we have to prove it on the pitch.

“We have to play well and make the fans happy. Being in the top six and a return to the European competitions would be amazing, it’s what we all want, and we are working for that.”