Coady | 'We need to improve'

Conor Coady insists his Wolves teammates will be straight back to work as they aim to improve on all aspects of their game following Sunday’s defeat to West Ham United.

The captain was not holding back when analysing the performance of the team at the London Stadium, acknowledging what went wrong and what each member of Nuno Espirito Santo’s squad needs to do to not repeat the display again.

On what went wrong for Wolves

“Everything. I think from minute one, they were faster than us to everything. They ran more than us, they were more powerful than us, they were miles better than us, if I’m being honest.

“It’s really disappointing from our point of view, and something we need to look at and rectify very quickly because tonight wasn’t good enough.

“Full credit to West Ham, I thought they were brilliant, but for us, we need to look at the way we do things because it’s important we learn from it as quickly as possible.

“But this is what happens in the Premier League if you’re not on it from minute one, you get punished.”

On conceding four

“This can happen, it happened tonight, and something we’re massively disappointed about. It’s not like us, but when they were attacking, we were too far apart, we weren’t close enough to each other, we didn’t defend properly as a team and as a unit at the back.

“We’ll look at the game because it needs looking at. We need to look at where we’ve gone wrong, because for 95 minutes we have gone wrong.

“But we’ll learn from this because there’s loads more games now and we need to improve.”

On Semedo’s debut

“It’s tough for him in a game like that when all of us are playing like we were. It’s tough, but he’s a fantastic player, a fantastic person and he’s a credit to have at this football club.

“But we need to help him, and tonight, we’ve not helped him as a team. It’s important we look at it like that because it’s a massive disappointment, and we’ll look to get better.”