Moutinho | On Semedo, experience and Nuno's contract

Joao Moutinho believes Nelson Semedo will be a fine addition to the Wolves group, which is one of the best he’s been a part of in football.

The midfielder has played with Wolves’ new signing for Portugal and knows the qualities he will bring at right-wing-back. Moutinho, one of the squad’s senior figures, also believes each player has a responsibility to learn from each other, no matter their age, and insists this is crucial for the season ahead, with Wolves looking to get back to winning ways against Fulham on Sunday. 

On the start to the season

"We know what we have done well and what we need to work on, and so we will continue to work – to do our best to win the next game. That's the most important thing.”

On Semedo’s arrival

“I know him very well. I saw him play in Benfica, Barcelona and the national team. He's a great player and a great person, too. This is important for us because our group is very good.

“For these three years, it's been one of the best groups I've had in football. To bring players like that, with these qualities, it's very good for us. I think he is going to help us a lot in the game.

“That's what we expect. Of course, he will expect to do the best to help the team.”

On Fabio Silva settling in

“He has great potential. He's a young guy who needs to continue to work, to show the qualities he has.

“I think he has everything to show how good he is, and we will try to help him improve and learn every day with us – and with Raul as they play the same position.

“It's important because young players come and like to learn. I think it's great to have him.”

On being a senior figure

“I have responsibility, like they have. It doesn't come only with age. We all have our responsibilities.

“I like to help young people, but I try to learn with them too. We are all learning every day. If we think we know everything, we stop improving. I try to teach what I know, with my experience, so we are better than the last day.”

On Nuno's new contract

“What he, the team and staff have done for three years is amazing. They've done a great job and to continue with the same coach and staff, we already know what he wants.

“We continue to work to get better. It's difficult as the Premier League is the best league in the world, but we have ambitions and we want to continue every year to do our best.”

On the fans’ appreciation for Nuno

“What he has achieved for the club, I think the people in Wolverhampton identify him as a good person, a good coach, and a guy you can follow.

“It's very good for the city, and for the club. He does the best he can to help the city and club to improve and become better.

“The fans here, they are amazing. Unfortunately, we don't have them in the stadium like we would want, but we know they support us no matter what. We know they are with us.”