Nuno proud of his tight-knit squad

Nuno Espirito Santo has reaffirmed the importance of his whole squad ahead of this evening’s Premier League clash with Burnley at Turf Moor.

Despite having the smallest playing staff in the top-flight, the Wolves head coach knows he can rely on different players at different times in matches, but having a fully fit squad to choose from in almost every game so far this season is key to his team being able to compete for an unprecedented 12-month season.

On utilising his squad

“It’s what I’ve been mentioning, I think we should look at things, try to get as maximum amount of information about the players that we have, and then try to decide well.

“We decided to go with Ruben [Neves] and Leander [Dendoncker] against Everton. Some changes that we made I think was good, but more importantly it’s about having all of the players available.

“This is the case. We have to assess a couple of issues to see how the players are and then we decide again who is best to face Burnley. But anything can happen.

“As long as we have everyone available and know they are ready, I think we are stronger to compete well.”

On Jota getting back among the goals

“I think it boosts not only him, but all the squad’s confidence. It’s always good when a player that you like so much like Diogo, the commitment that he has at every moment of his life, in helping the team, when he achieves this moment it’s important for him and also for us.”

On Jimenez soon becoming a father

“I’ve been speaking with him, but only wishing that everything goes well. It’s a very big, big moment in his life and I hope that everything goes well with his wife and his baby.

“He’s ready, he’s been competing well, and we just want him to do what he usually does for the team. The big work he does every minute inside of the game.”

On Neto’s injury

“He’s one of the issues which we have to assess. It’s a fresh knock, the last one was a direct impact on his quadriceps and this one was a strong cramp which meant he was not able to continue.

“He’s recovering and trained [on Tuesday] with the fitness coach. Let’s see how he is [on Wednesday] after all of the problems after a game you have, things that you have to assess calmly and properly.”

I’m very proud and the credit is all for the players. As everybody knows, we have a small squad, and the way that they commit every day and every moment is our main foundation.
Nuno Espirito Santo

On bouncing back after defeat

“It’s always been this way. The moment you realise that when you make mistakes you have to react and have to fix it, has always been our philosophy.

“Not only when you don’t perform you work harder, you have to work harder every day and even when you perform well, there is always space to improve. When you have a poor performance, this mentality makes you know what you have to do.

“Don’t panic, just go back, focus, and believe in the things we’ve been doing for so long now. That will give you the answers to your mistakes.”

On competing till the end

“Nothing has changed besides the duration of the competition, but the approach is always the same; highly motivated and highly focused on competing well.

“It’s a long season and it’s going to be longer for us, so we need to prepare well and stay focused game by game, but highly motivated of course.

“We have so many things to do. The future is there, but let’s prepare well our present, so when the games come, we’re always able to compete.

“Let’s give the best thing we have, each one of us, at every moment.”

On still fighting after a 12-month season

“That is always on our minds. That is why we try to look at all the details that we can; the recovery of the players, your opponent, how are they, momentum, all these things. The approach has never changed.

“It’s been one long year and with two day between games you have to assess you players calmly and properly so you can decide well.

“Not everything can always go well, but more important is how you react to the bad moments and you are able to go back to the standards that you mention. It’s all about how you react and go to the next one.

“But I’m very, very proud and the credit is all for the players. As everybody knows, we have a small squad, and the way that they commit every day and every moment is our main foundation.”