Nuno on missing fans, Podence's impact and Burnley challenge

Nuno Espirito Santo is hoping for a swift return of fans to stadiums despite Wolves having a better away record than that at home as his side travel to Turf Moor to take on Burnley on Wednesday evening.

After returning to winning ways in front of a virtually empty Molineux on Sunday thanks to a 3-0 win over Everton, the head coach believes the lack of supporters inside grounds following the Premier League restart has had a huge impact on the outcome of recent matches  

On fans being absent since the restart

“That is the one which has the biggest impact on all the things. The rules have changed; five subs, water breaks, but the more impacting issue, no doubt, is the absence of fans.

“It’s had an impact on everything. It’s had an impact on our life, which subsequently impacts directly on football.

“I would love it so much [to have fans back in stadiums]. It’s what I hope for, it’s want I want more; to compete again in front of the fans. It’s not only me, but I think everybody, especially the players. For them, it’s basic that as soon as possible fans go back inside the stadium so they can have this joy again.”

On handling the pressure both on and off the pitch

“We have all been affected by a social pressure that is in our lives now. As you see things that are happening around you, you cannot get away from that. We know that it is a very difficult moment for everybody, for the world, for our society.

“I think we cannot take care of everything, so let’s take care of each other. This is what my main message is; let’s protect each other, let’s respect each other, let’s be safe and healthy, giving attention and respecting the virus that’s out there and just protect each other.

“Have a good social life with your family but respect the pack. Let’s take care of each other.”

This is what it’s all about, having a squad and getting players ready for the moment they come inside of the pitch they can help and impact the team and that is what Daniel did.
Nuno on importance of a squad

On picking up the three points on Sunday

“It was good. I thought we performed well, we were consistent, organised, and we were able to play for some spells, some very good football, and this is what we want for the team.

“I know that it’s always hard to sustain, but this is what we aim for – have this sustained ability for more spells inside of the game and inside the competition.

“It was a good game but very far from perfect. Very far.”

On Podence’s impact on his first Premier League start

“Always, since the moment he joined us, and even before, we knew him, we knew the quality that he has, the talent that he has as a player, and he showed that on Sunday.

“This is what it’s all about, having a squad and getting players ready for the moment they come inside of the pitch they can help and impact the team and that is what Daniel did.

“What pleases me more is that we have all of the options available. This is more important for us and then it is up to us to decide well, knowing every game needs a different approach.

“But I’m very pleased for all the players and hopefully, other players we decide to use Wednesday could have good performances.

On facing Sean Dyche’s Burnley

“It’s always tough. Burnley are a very good team and Sean knows the team, he’s been at the club for a long time, and it’s always very, very difficult to go to Burnley.

“All the games we’ve had against Burnley have been very tough and very demanding. They’re a very good team and Wednesday is going to be a tough challenge for us.”

On games coming thick and fast

“All the teams in the Premier League have been affected by an enormous amount of matches in a relatively short period of time. Sometimes you have three days, sometimes you only have two days, which was our case for Wednesday.

“I didn’t quite look at it but it’s almost the same for all the teams and all the managers, so it’s a big challenge to prepare a team during the recovery period of a player after the game.

“But it’s something we normally do, we did it this way and we don’t complain because it’s there and it’s up to you to demand yourself and keep going over and over again.”