Traore discusses his impact off the bench

Adama Traore is determined to better himself every day and was pleased with the impact he made on proceedings at the London Stadium on Saturday.

Wolves had gone three months without a game, but you wouldn’t have known looking at Traore, who came off the change to inspire his team to victory at West Ham United. The wide man put his cross on a plate for Raul Jimenez to open the scoring and was involved in the second, which Pedro Neto finished impressively, so was satisfied with his contribution.

On a big at West Ham

“I think the team fought until the end, like we always do. I think we fought and worked so hard through the game and in the end, we got the result. Whatever, if we come off the bench, it’s important to stay focused, every moment, to help the team.”

On improving every day

“My mentality is if I’m the same that person of yesterday, for me, that’s one day lost. I’m happy to help the team to get the win, help the team to perform the best – this I try to do.”

On the empty stadium

“It is strange, but the truth is this is the situation everyone has, so the better we adapt to the situation, the better we will fight, the better we will work, so this is our mentality. Also, I’m happy to get back because, to be honest, I love my job, I love to play football, wherever it is and whatever the moment is.

“I think it’s different. It’s been almost three months we didn’t compete, but it doesn’t matter. We’ve been working at home, they gave us plan, we stuck with the plan, the team, the gaffer, the team of the gaffer. We worked with the plan and we’ve been trying to be as fit as possible, so this is the mentality, this is our job, and I love it.”

"My mentality is if I’m the same that person of yesterday, for me, that’s one day lost."
Adama Traore

On being back playing

“It’s sad because the fans were not there, but whatever we do, we know they’re watching us. We will always fight for them, and this is what we did. So, happy and sad at the same time, but this is the situation everyone has, so it is what it is.”

On a quick turnaround now

“Every game is tough. Like Saturday, Wednesday is going to be tough as well, and then the weekend is going to be tough as well. So, we’re going to prepare to fight until the end like Saturday.”

On the mini pre-season

“It’s true. It’s like a mini pre-season. We’ve been running, we’ve had time to get back to our fitness, so this is part of the situation. I think nobody was expecting this to happen. If they told us six months ago this is going to happen, no one would believe it. But it is what it is, and the better we adapt, the better we perform.”