Traore working hard to be 'even faster'

Adama Traore is not reflecting on his and Wolves’ positive season so far and is fully focused on getting off to the best start once the Premier League season resumes this week.

The speedy winger was having the most impressive spell of his professional career before lockdown, with six goals and 10 assists, as well as a statistically league-high partnership with Raul Jimenez, but Traore believes the coronavirus outbreak has reset the season in terms of form, with the best teams now being those who can quickest adapt to the ‘new normal’ of behind closed doors fixtures.

On Premier League returning this weekend

“It’s great to know that we will be starting again, we will finish the season, but of course, it’s different because we’ve been testing throughout the week, we’ve had to do some routines, so we don’t give a problem to anyone.

“It’s been great coming back to see my teammates, the manager, all of the staff as well, and go back to our fitness.

“I hope we will be able to do the best to get the results for the fans when the gamedays comes, and although they won’t be able to see it in the stadium, we will do the best to try and satisfy them.”

On training while in lockdown

“We have been working hard to get back to full fitness. The staff gave us some plans that we have been able to do while at home. If you have a gym in your house, you can maintain your fitness the same way you have when you’re on the field.

“But I think every player in the team has been working hard by themselves in their houses and they’ve come back stronger.

“I’ve been working a lot in the house and I’ve been using the plans they’ve given us, because in myself, I want to be the best I can be, so when I get back on the pitch, I can be even faster.”

On Wolves’ positive season so far

“We know we’ve been fighting each game. I’ve said before that it doesn’t matter which game we have in front of us, we will fight until the end.

“In the first games of the Premier League, we didn’t get the results that we wanted. We played good, but the results weren’t coming.

“I said in that moment, the work is there, the effort is there, the mentality is there, and the results will come – and the results have been coming before the lockdown.

“But it’s like a reset button has been pressed and now we must adapt to the situation because it will be completely different; without the fans, without the noise, and we have to follow certain rules with the Premier League and the government.

“I think the best we can adapt, the best we can perform.”

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On his impressive performances this season

“I know we have games in front and my focus is not on what I did, my focus in on what I want and can do. Of course, I’m happy for my performance, but I think I can give more. This is my feeling; I can give more and I can improve more.

“I always want to be better than yesterday. This is my mentality. Obviously, I am happy with what has been done, but this is like a reset for me.”

On fruitful partnership with Raul

“Not only with Raul, but with many players, the relationship is not only on the pitch, but outside the training ground.

“We’re improving and know each other better. In each game, I know which position he likes, he knows where he has to be when I cross, when we make the passes, the movement. If I start with the ball, maybe he has to start running early to get to the box.

“I also know that if I can get him in a certain position, it is better for him to finish and he will feel comfortable to perform better.

“We’re friends off the pitch as well, but I think this is a squad where everyone are friends with everyone. We have a very good group and most of the time we are joking, playing, and when you have a connection outside of the pitch, it is easier inside of the pitch.

“This is important for all of us, whether it is Raul, whether it is the midfielders, whether it is Doherty, whether it is whoever, it’s important to have this connection outside of the pitch because this makes you know better the player you have in your side.”