Neves bids emotional farewell to Nuno

Ruben Neves joined more than 4,000 supporters inside Molineux in bidding an emotional farewell to head coach Nuno Espirito Santo.

The game itself, a 2-1 reverse to Manchester United, saw the welcome return of an atmosphere inside the famous old stadium – likewise outside as the team arrived pre-match. Then, after the final whistle was blown on the game, season and Nuno’s tenure, Neves, who has shared many special moments under the head coach, spoke of the relationship he has with Nuno and his staff, who he describes as “really good friends”.

On Nuno’s farewell

“I worked with him five years. So, with him, and all his staff, we created a really good relationship between us. He helped me a lot, I hope I helped him as well, so I just wish him all the best to him, to all the staff, because we are really good friends, worked five years together, so I wish him all the very best for the future.

“We are thankful to him, we are grateful, and wish him all the best for the future.”

On having the fans back

“Unfortunately, not a full stadium, I think he [Nuno] deserved a full stadium for what he did for the club, what he did for us, but it’s how we are at the minute. It was good to have fans back in the stadium. He knows we gave everything.

“It means a lot for us. We are really happy to play with fans again. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the win for them, but we gave everything. They know we gave everything.”

On the atmosphere at Molineux

“When I was on my way to coming here, on the bus I saw all the fans and it was incredible, it was like the first time I played here. I’m really thankful to them, I’m sad we didn’t get the win, but it was really good to have them back again.”

On a performance full of effort

“We showed that. We conceded two goals on almost the two only chances they had. We controlled all the game, mainly in the second-half they didn’t shoot much on our goal. We did a great job, it’s been a really hard season for everyone, and now let’s rest and see what happens.”

On the season as a whole

“A really hard season for us. I think for everyone, for every team in football, but we felt it was a little bit more because of the injuries to really important players.

“We’re a family, we are together in the bad moments as well. This season was really hard, and we showed a really good team spirit, so let’s go again.”