Traore on Jimenez and Jota relationship

Adama Traore says Wolves’ striking trio of himself, Diogo Jota and Raul Jimenez are in constant contact before and during matches, working out ways to hurt the opposition between them.

The trio most regularly used by Nuno Espirito Santo this season have been in fine form once again, with Traore and Jimenez directly combining for eight goals during 2019/20. When the Spaniard set up the Mexican to head home against Liverpool in January, the duo became the most lethal pairing in the division and will be looking to continue their fine form once play continues, following the pandemic.

On his relationship with Jota and Jimenez

“We speak all the time. Before the game, during the game. We talk about what we can do collectively to capitalise on our qualities and do more damage to our opponent. That constant communication is very important.

“I met Raul here in Wolverhampton, but I saw him play before with the Mexican national team. He is a great striker and a very complete footballer, with many qualities.

“Of course, scoring many goals, but also controlling the ball very well, moving very well on the pitch. He works so hard in every match. He is a great player and it is a pleasure to have him on our side.”

On dealing with the pandemic

“I think that the most important thing in this situation is to be united. The more we are fighting this Coronavirus together, the sooner we will return to our normal lives.

“Right now, I have been working out at home, to keep fit and prepare to come back to the football pitch. Not being able to leave the house is a major change, but the exercises and the discipline not so much.”

On the season so far

“I think we have been good collectively. The manager has done an incredible job with us. But it’s not down to individuals, I think it’s the whole group at Wolverhampton, the physios, the coaches, everyone has done an incredible job.

“I think we have, this season, played many more games than last year, but we were well prepared every time and the mentality of the team has also improved day after day.”

On his progress this season

“Nuno has helped me a lot to improve. People say that I have changed, but I believe that my mentality is the same. I have been playing in various positions this season, winger, forward, striker. The important thing is to improve in each position.”

On the Europa League challenge

“We would not be in this competition if we did not have the ambition to win it. First of all, we don’t know yet when we’ll play our next game. We will have to see then how we’ll feel then.

“I hope we will all return healthy, this is the most important thing. Then we will do our best to prepare for the next match and continue working hard to get the best results we can."

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On his physique

“I do work out. That’s for sure, but I don't do weights. It’s my genes. I don't do weights because then my muscles can get bigger very quickly, so I try to control that in my programme.

“When my football career is over, then maybe I will start doing weights, and we will see how big my muscles can grow.”