Dendoncker missing competitive football

Leander Dendoncker is hoping competitive football will return soon, with the Belgian now back in the UK after spending lockdown with his family.

The Wolves first-team, including Dendoncker, returned to Compton Park for individual training sessions last week, while keeping to strict social distancing protocols, but the versatile midfielder has been keeping fit while away, with daily runs back in Brussels, as well as playing football against his brother.

On lockdown back at his family home

“I’ve been away from home since I was 14, even though I was in the same country, in Belgium. I’m quite used to being on my own, so it’s always nice to return home and see my family.

“It’s nice to see all my family. My father used to be a farmer and we had a lot of pigs and used to play around a lot, but they sold the farm three or four years ago, so they’re not at the farm anymore.

“It’s just a house now, and I went running every day – next to the club where I used to play, Anderlecht. There’s a lake like five minutes away from the house, so I was running around that every day.”

On keeping occupied without football

“My younger brother Lars plays for Club Brugge. We went cycling together and I noticed he’s grown a lot and become a lot stronger – it’s hard for me to beat him now.

“We’ve been playing football one-v-one, so I can't complain, and I’ve been playing a lot of PlayStation and watching Game of Thrones too.

“I was sceptical as I’m not that into science fiction, but I really like it. I’m really glad I’ve given it a chance.”

On keeping connected to his teammates while back in Belgium

“We have a WhatsApp group together and speak quite a lot. It’s important to maintain a good understanding and relationship as players and staff.

“That’s what we've been trying to do, but it has been a long period, so maybe over the last couple of weeks, the contact has been less than before.

“I’ve been talking to a few players – [Willy] Boly, Adama [Traore], Romain [Saiss] – and we’re friendly in the group.”

On getting back to playing football

“I miss just playing it. I played against my brother, but it’s not really a competition. I just miss being with the lads, and with the whole team.”