Dendoncker: Lockdown will only strengthen Wolves' bond

Leander Dendoncker has taken time to reflect on his career during lockdown but admits the break from football has strengthened an already tight bond between him and his Wolves teammates.

The versatile Belgian, who has celebrated his 25th birthday during the Premier League suspension, notes the challenges but also the positives that lockdown has brought to him, as he remains well connected with the squad and explains why Wolves is where he belongs.

On taking time to reflect

“You have more time to think, you have time to reflect and time to look at yourself, stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself ‘am I doing things right? Am I doing things how I’m supposed to do them?’

“It’s interesting to have time to think about all of these things and to get mentally ready again to compete.

“I recently celebrated my 25th birthday and although for a football career it’s not young anymore, it’s not old either, so I’m still ambitious and have a lot of ambition.

“I speak to my parents and they are really proud of where I am right now, but as a footballer, you want to go as high as possible – you always want to do better, to reach more and work harder.

“But at the same time, I think what we’re doing at Wolverhampton is really great, it’s amazing. It’s the second season in a row that we are showing it was not luck in the first season, so I’m quite good where I am.”

On the positives and negatives of lockdown

“The biggest challenge has been to follow up the instructions. It’s been tough for everyone to not go outside to see family, to see friends and to go to a restaurant to have dinner like we were used to do.

“For that point of view, that might be the toughest thing about it because I don’t think we have ever experienced a situation like this before.

“In a way it’s nice because you kind of have time for yourself and we know that before the lockdown, everything is always rushed, and you never have time for anything.

“But now, all of a sudden, you have time for everything and maybe too much time, because I think a lot of people are tired of the lockdown now and want to go back to how things were before lockdown as soon as possible.”


On remaining connected to the squad

“It’s true that even throughout the lockdown, I don’t think we’ve lost contact. We have a WhatsApp group together where we post stuff, we put up videos and pictures, so I think it will only strengthen our relationship that we have inside the group,

“It was already strong before the lockdown, it always has been strong, and that is probably our biggest strength, we always keep fighting for each other.

“I’ve spoken to the manager briefly on the phone and he also put a message in the group of the players where he said he misses us, he misses being together and he said what I think all the players miss – the routine at the club, at the training ground every day, being together, working, but also having fun in a professional way.

“He said what everyone thinks and now everyone just wants to come back as soon as possible to train and to work again, but health is always the most important thing in life, so we’ll have to see.”

On Jota’s ePremier League victory

“I like to play FIFA and have played a couple of times against him and remember I won the first time, but we played three or four times after that and he won every time.

“He’s just really good at it and I think we saw it how he won against everyone and he really deserved to win.

“I know he plays every day, even when we go to the hotel before a game, he will be playing all night long, so it wasn’t a surprise for me. He never gets tired of it, so he must be really happy, although he misses training as well.”