Saiss on maintaining team spirit from isolation

It’s imperative that Wolves maintain their strong bond between players, even during the current pandemic, according to popular defender Romain Saiss.

Often the source of the high spirits in the Wolves camp, Saiss, like the rest of his teammates, is isolating at home currently, but has remained in contact with the group via WhatsApp. Wolves have benefitted from a strong team spirit under Nuno Espirito Santo and Saiss insists the contact between players is as important as ever now.

On morale between players

“We have a WhatsApp group, so we are talking together most of the time, even if it’s just to laugh together. It’s important to keep in contact, we are in contact also with the staff and doc.

“I send funny videos, so we think about something funny and not the virus. It’s really hard to change the mind of everybody, but it’s good to laugh.”

On the importance of contact

“For three seasons it’s been one of our strengths, the unity between the players. In the past we’ve been close to each other, like a family, so it’s important to keep this so when we’re back training, everything will be the same, nothing changes.

“Now we miss each other and want to be back training, for the moment it’s impossible, but it’s good to talk with the guys every day. It’s important to keep this unity between the group.”

On staying at tome

“It’s a hard time, honestly – staying at home every day. The most important is to stay safe at this time. I stay with my family so try to enjoy the day with my kids because the rest of the season it’s hard to see them. It’s starting to be a little bit long now.”

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On finding the fitness balance

“The first time we started with a training programme for two weeks – a programme with running and core strength, but the problem is now the Premier League was delayed so the programme is totally different.

“We try to stay fit, but if you train hard every day, you have no date to return, so it’s really hard.

“You have to find the balance in the work, don’t work too much and don’t do nothing. It’s hard, but I try to do something every day to maintain my body and my fitness.”