Jota: The fans 'give us strength'

With the Premier League on hiatus due to the Coronavirus epidemic, Diogo Jota has been taking time to reflect on being part of what he believes is the greatest football competition in the world.

The forward has been enjoying life in the English top-flight following his move to Wolves almost three years ago, but although he now gives his all to the gold and black, as an admirer of the Premier League from an early age, Jota revealed which team he used to love watching when growing up in Portugal.

On the Premier League being the best in the world

“There is not one that is as organized and as competitive as this one. The event organisation, each fixture, the trust and respect of the fans. We are not mistreated here.

“The fans really like us, they don't bother us, they appreciate what we do for the clubs. They give us strength.

“And then being the league with the highest TV revenue, this means that clubs can get the best players. This means that you never know the final score, even if you play the first placed team against the last placed team.”

On the strongest team in the league

“I will have to say Liverpool. Even though we lost both games, we were a small step away from doing something different in both games.

“But this year, in addition to having a very fluid game process, they are very strong and have had a bit of luck as well, which it takes to be a champion.”

On which team he liked best in his youth

“I loved to watch Everton play, especially when they were playing at home. It was not a club that fought for the title but that always made life very complicated for the big teams. And I loved that drive and competitiveness. They were relentless.”

On picking the best player in each position


“Alisson. Especially because I still haven't managed to score on him, which I hope to resolve quickly. He's world-class.


“I would say Van Dijk, also for his physical power.”


“Kevin de Bruyne, for me the best midfielder in the world.”


“Aguero. To justify it, just ask me how many hat-tricks he has scored in the Premier League.”

On whether Liverpool should be given title if season can’t be completed

“This question is very complicated. In case we have the misfortune of not being able to end the season, I think that few people would oppose this.

“Of course, there are always rival clubs that could be against that, but I think 95 per cent of the people would agree. For me they would be fair champions.”