Campana on testing positive and overcoming covid-19

Wolves striker Leonardo Campana has revealed his experiences with covid-19 after testing positive for the virus about three weeks ago.

The Ecuadorian was speaking to journalist Sebastian Decker on Instagram Live and covered a range of topics, including how he has been coping during his period of self-isolation as well as overcoming coronavirus.

On testing positive for covid-19

“I was diagnosed two or three weeks ago. Thank God, I’m feeling fine today. I guess that all my family got the virus since we were all together in my house [in Wolverhampton]. First to get sick was my brother, then my mum, and then me. My dad and my sisters were also with us.

“I spoke to the club doctor and he told us to keep calm and to stay at home for two weeks. We did it for 16 days and then my dad and my sisters got the 'all clear' to go back to Ecuador.

“My mum was also fine, and she was supposed to go back too, but then they cancelled her flight, so I guess she’s going to stay [here in England] with my brother and me for another month or so.”

On coping with self-isolation

“At the beginning when I had the virus I was locked up and it was hard, but not impossible. But now, the club has put us on a list so that we train one at a time at the training ground.

“They send us a training plan and it is almost always my turn at 11. I finish and I return home and that way we avoid contact.

“At home I help my mum a little in the kitchen and I play the PlayStation with my brother. I always beat him.”

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On his childhood idols

“I started playing football when I was just two. My father always says that I never had any toys, just one football and a tennis racket.

“When I was a little boy, I used to watch Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, but also Ronaldo, Zidane and many more.

“But now, I’m rather looking at forwards. I study videos of Cristiano Ronaldo, Edison Cavani, Luis Suarez, Robert Lewandowski, etc.

“When Wolves contacted me, I started watching videos of Raul Jimenez too. I wanted to learn about his moves, analyse his matches. He’s a tremendous player.”

On his future with the Ecuador national team

“Like every footballer will tell you, it’s a dream to represent your country. I know that if I work hard every day, and prove myself, I can earn a place in the National Team. 

“I hope I can play in a World Cup with Ecuador again, like I did with the under-20s in 2019 in Poland where we finished third.”

On the work of his family’s foundation

“I work with my family’s foundation, the ‘Fundacion Campana’. I made a donation to help people and organisations in need.

“This is not something that we just do during those times of crisis, that’s our motivation; help the good, hard-working people of Ecuador.”