Doherty on maintaining fitness at home

Matt Doherty admits in this unknown territory, it’s down to the players to look after themselves from their own homes.

Like the rest of the football world, the Wolves squad have been in isolation since returning from the Europa League trip to Olympiacos almost three weeks ago and have plans to keep their fitness up. However, Doherty explained to the Express & Star about a certain amount of self-discipline required to keep fitness up for the unknown return date.

On training from home

“It's difficult as the type of thing we are doing now is even different from what we do in the off-season.

“In the off-season, you obviously have a return date and you are trying to keep your fitness up. Now, there is no real return date at the moment.

“I know they put one out provisionally, but I don't think anybody thinks that will be abided to.”

On the mental strength needed

“It's difficult. You have to have your own discipline in your mind to do it as there's nobody baby-sitting you. If you don't do it, that's on you.

“We have a GPS on, so they can track it. But it's not easy. It's more off your own back.”

On the unknown future

“We all left with a bit of gear to take back, so there are things we can do, but it's more the motivation part of it.

“You like to have a date when you know you're going to be back, so you can kind of pace yourself.

“At the moment you're doing runs, but for what reason? You don't really know when the fitness is going to be needed.”