Saiss: It’s easier when we have a crowd to push us

Romain Saiss believes not having the Wolves supporters allowed inside the Karaiskakis Stadium for Thursday night’s Europa League draw with Olympiacos had an impact on the game.

The Moroccan admits his team found playing behind closed doors a strange experience, especially without the crowd being there to boost the players in difficult circumstances, but was happy Wolves came away from Greece with what could be an important away goal for the second leg of the tie – whenever that may take place.

On getting the away goal

“It was not an easy game. First because being behind closed doors was really strange, and then the game was not easy because they started the game well, better than us.

“When they got the red card we tried to put them under a lot of pressure but they stayed very low, very compact, and it was hard to find a space. Then they had one action and they scored, but this is the risk when we play 11 against 10.

“We could have done better on the goal, we made a lot of mistakes, but it’s a good result because it’s a draw and we scored the goal away.

“It’s a good result, but we know it will be difficult at home. They lost against Arsenal but then they won away, so we have to be worried.”

On a ‘strange’ visit to Olympiacos

“We try to stay positive, but of course we are frustrated because we did not have all of the game but, like the coach says, it was a good result in a strange atmosphere.

“You could see sometimes, a couple of times in the game, we could play maybe faster. But it’s easier when we have a crowd to push you – even away.

“It’s totally different and it’s really strange. Everything around the game was strange.”

On Willy Boly’s return to the defence

“We are happy for him, first to be back and then for the team because he is really important. But in his absence, I think we did well with Coads, Max and Leander because we also have to think for Leander and me, it’s not our natural position, but I think we did well together.

“But it’s good to have Boly back because we have more opportunity now with this player, so it’s a good thing for the team.”