Nuno provides Traore fitness update

Nuno Espirito Santo discussed how he’s managing Adama Traore’s injury ahead of the Premier League meeting with Brighton & Hove Albion this weekend.

The wide man suffered another shoulder injury at Tottenham Hotspur last weekend, but Nuno insists Traore is “ready” for the Seagulls clash. Although admitting the situation isn’t ideal, Nuno and his team are hard at work, looking to improve Traore’s condition ahead of an important season run-in.

On managing Traore

“The situation is difficult. Every time it happens it’s a very painful moment for him. We’re trying to solve it, trying to control it, but it’s something you cannot avoid. It’s relating to the competition, contact happens, sometimes they are really strong moments of the opponent.

“Of course, I’m worried, but I’m hopeful he can maintain and stay with us competing, without needing any kind of surgery. There are things Matt Perry’s doing, attending things to avoid the final situation.

“He’s doing OK, he’s ready. It’s a very painful moment when it happens, but after it settles down, he’s able to train and compete.”

On letting referees manage the game

“He’s [Traore] very honest. Not only him, I think all of the players of Wolves are very honest inside of the game. The message is clear, you do what you have to do, let the referee decide. Just keep going.

“These kind of players, that continuously try one versus one situations, the referee should look at them and judge if it’s intentional, or just a fall. It’s not up to us to decide, it’s the referee’s judgement. We want to be honest with the game.

“We are not concerned about who is the referee. They judge what they have to judge, because there are tackles, normal ones that happen during games, others no. The referees are there to judge, evaluate and decide – this is our interpretation of the game.”

On Gibbs-White’s injury

“Morgan had a twisted ankle in the under-23 game. Hopefully it won’t be too much, but not Saturday.”