Nuno: ‘Wolves are my obsession’

Nuno Espirito Santo has admitted Wolves are his life as he now spends 100 per cent of his time thinking about the team and how he can improve his players.

Ahead of this evening’s Premier League clash with Leicester City at Molineux, the head coach described the club as his ‘obsession’ with all his efforts going in to integrating the new signings into his side as well as taking each day step-by-step to make Wolves the best team they can be.

On Wolves being his obsession

“I’m working on a daily basis. We started three seasons ago and not only me, but a lot of people moved and changed their lives, where they live, to come to Wolverhampton.

“That’s why I say it’s my life, because I’m 100 per cent here and I give everything that I have to help improve the players, to improve the club, doing everything that I can.

“[The fans] can be totally assured that every day this is my obsession, Wolves is my obsession, it’s my life and I don’t think about anything else. I do whatever I can to help the team, to help the players and prepare well.

“I’m only focused on tomorrow. It’s a tough cycle in front of us, a very tough cycle, as we have 17 days with five games. It’s going to be tough.”

On integrating new players

“It’s a process that takes time. It’s more than just integrating them as individuals, they have to integrate in the dynamic of the team – the dynamic of the way we play, the idea that we have – it takes time, but we are taking the right steps, and Daniel [Podence], Leonardo [Campana] are integrating very, very well.

“[Campana] is training with us. The talent is there, and I think he can be a good option for us.

“We are a very young squad and the future I think can be better for us as long as we keep the same philosophy – working day by day and together as a unit. The way we are doing things, the decisions that we are making, we are making decisions and improving together.”

On the Premier League getting tighter

“I think the Premier League is the most competitive competition, and you can see that. Every team is very difficult. What’s happening this season can happen again next season, but you never know.

“I think the game is changing, there’s not so much difference between the teams now, and all the squads are impressive in quality, the managers – the way they prepare their teams – improve the quality of the game, so I see smaller gaps between teams now.

“This is because of the quality of the players, the power in terms of financial that the clubs have to go and get talented and quality players – before was not so much.”

On improving as a squad

“We don’t judge by results. We had good performances, bad performances, but an ability to compete and always stay in the game. It’s there and this is what we are always looking to improve, knowing there’s ups and downs in performances and form of the players, and it’s up to us to improve them, to get them better, so the team is always compact and ready to compete.

“I’m always thinking that we can improve. As long as you keep working on your present and not thinking about too much on your future, and this is the way we work.

“If things happen, then we will be there to see how it goes, but the right way is to go step-by-step, the way we have been doing things and other teams are doing fantastic also.”