Podence discusses debut emotions

Daniel Podence says he had “good feelings” when making his Wolves debut at Old Trafford on Saturday and can’t wait for the future.

The Portuguese played the final 14 minutes against Manchester United and showed glimpses of what is to come, looking lively in the final third. Given a warm welcome by the away end in Manchester, Podence was delighted to get the opportunity to represent his new club and is relishing more game time, after the winter break this coming weekend.

On making his debut

“It was a good debut, in an important game, against a very tough opponent, but we got one point out of it with a great effort from our team.

“I had very good feelings on the pitch with the team at a good stadium and I think we, as team, and specially me, can improve.”

On turning the draw into a win

“It was a game that ended 0-0, but we had opportunities to score, and if we were calmer in the last third, we would have been able to score at least one goal.

“I think that’s it, work on the composure in the last third and that’s the way we’ll be able to improve.”

On adjusting to Wolves

“The adjustment has been going very well. Saturday was my fourth day here, but I managed to get on quite well.

“I was able to get on and feel connected with my colleagues, they welcome me very well and I think the future is bright.”

On his welcome from the fans

“I was impressed, I wasn’t expecting to see so many Wolverhampton fans. Their support was great, and we felt it (on the pitch).”

On the break before Leicester

“It’s going to be very beneficial to me, as I’ll get to put in a lot more training sessions before our next game, but on the other hand, of course I want more games.

“I’ve got to look on the bright side of it, which is going to be having more training and spending more time with the team before the game.”