Dendoncker rues missed chances

Leander Dendoncker felt clinical finishing is the difference between Wolves’ current position in the Premier League table and those sides aiming for the title.

The Belgian was proud of his side’s performance in last Thursday’s narrow defeat to Liverpool, but believes that by taking the vital chances which fell by the wayside for Wolves are what will move the team to the next level.

On performance against Liverpool

“We should be proud of our performance, especially in the second-half because I felt we were in control of the game, but we’re not so happy with the result, as I think we deserved more than the defeat, but that’s football.

“I think we showed in the second-half that we were in control of them, and we’ve had our chances to score a second as well, but we didn’t, and it’s maybe the only difference between us and them – they’re really efficient when it comes to scoring and I think they only needed three in total and they scored two out of three. That’s what makes them a really big team.

“I don’t think they had a lot of opportunities, but yet they scored twice, so that’s something we have to look at, but I think we played a good game, the whole team, just a pity we didn’t get a result.”

On adapting to defence

“I needed some time to settle there as it’s not always easy, positionally, to defend. I’m just trying to do my best, just like I do in every game.

“It’s good Boly’s back, I think we could use him as he’s a great value to our team and he will help us.”

On the Wolves attack

“I think Pedro’s growing every game, but I think we can harm every team with the attack that we have, and I think they are showing it every week.

“But the whole team did very well today, and we can be really proud of this situation, but it’s just a shame that we didn’t get more out of it.”

On having a football free weekend

“I’m looking forwards to it. I think we can use it after all these games we’ve had already because we’ve had a lot of games up to now.

“But we need to use these days we have to recover really well, and then we will look forwards to Manchester.”

On approaching Man United

“We believe we can go there and get a result, that’s what we do every game, and we will try to do it again.”