Nuno on Jota and Boly’s injuries, Campana and transfers

Nuno Espirito Santo revealed Diogo Jota and Willy Boly are back training with the Wolves first-team squad after recovering from their recent injuries which have left both players on the sidelines.

Portuguese forward Jota has missed Wolves’ last four matches after picking up a knock against Watford on New Year’s Day, while Boly’s long-term absence has been a major blow to Nuno’s side, with the defender not featuring since a 2-1 win over Slovan Bratislava in the Europa League back in mid-October.

Pleased to see both players integrate back into the squad, Nuno also spoke about the signing of talented young Ecuadorian striker Leonardo Campana, Saturday's fightback against Southampton, as well as an update on Wolves' January transfer plans.

On the fitness of Jota and Boly

“We have good news. We have Diogo [Jota] integrating into the team, working with the squad, [Willy] Boly also, so things are getting better.”

On the signing of Campana

“Leonardo is a question of opportunity for the club. He will be integrated as a back-up in the under-23s and then the future will determine, how he works, how we can improve him, because he has talent, but that’s the reality.

“He has talent, he’s now integrating in his national team, he still has a couple of games to go to see if he goes to the group stage or not, and then when he joins us and he’s in the building then we’ll try to improve and work because the talent is there.

“It’s up to us and to him, together, to develop.”

On Spanish speakers helping Campana settle

“In the beginning, I think yes, like all the players that join us, the beginning is important. But, for sure, he’ll be well received, but after we only speak English, so he has to learn and improve his English.”

On latest transfer dealings

“We are at the same point as last week – we are working on [bringing players in]. It’s a moment that has a lot of rumours, a lot of names, some of them are true, some of them are not, but here we are working on bringing players in because we need.

“For now, for now. I’ve already explained the situation of Leonardo, but we’ve got to bring in players who can immediately give us solutions, because we still have a lot of games in front of us.

“Yes, of course [I’m confident]. But until they are – all the players, all the names of the transfers, you know how it works – is done, that is when he joins us.”

On fighting spirit shown against the Saints

“It gives us a lift, of course, because in the second-half I thought we performed well, it’s about improving and taking the way we did things into tomorrow because it’s going to be very tough.

“The proof is football, the proof is the game. It’s finished when it’s finished. Anything can happen. So, keeping your beliefs is basic.

“[Giving up] is not allowed. There’s no negotiation.”

On two games in three weeks

“First, we play tomorrow, then we have a couple of days off, then we start the week preparing ourselves for the next one.

“Of course, it’s a moment in having an opportunity to have more time. It will allow better recovery, it will allow players to work harder on aspects that we consider, and we prepare the team for the next game.

“Having more days during the week allows you to have a different approach on your training sessions, of course.”