Dendoncker rues missed chances

Leander Dendoncker rued missed chances after Wolves were forced to settle for a point against Newcastle United.

Wolves fought back after conceding the first goal for the sixth consecutive Premier League game thanks to the Belgian’s fourth of the season. However, the turnaround couldn’t be completed in full, as Martin Dubravka excelled between the sticks, and Dendoncker was left a little disappointed post-match.  

On the goal

“I touched it with my shin pad and knee, but as long as it goes it in, it’s OK.”

On the pattern on the game

“It’s a shame they scored, because after the goal I don’t think they had many opportunities and I think we did.

“After our goal I think we had three really big opportunities to score, but we didn’t – if you don’t score, you cannot win the game.”

On missing big chances

“We controlled the game after our goal, with some big chances. Their goalkeeper stopped two or three of them really well, but it’s football.

“The three big chances we had, they stopped them on the line. Two of the three I thought were in, maybe three, but they saved them.

“It’s a shame and I think we were a little disappointed about that, but we have to keep looking forward.”

On conceding first again

“Quite early all the time (Wolves concede), so we have to try to avoid it. We’ll look how we can do that better because every time we manage to score and obviously try to score a second one.

“Today it didn’t work out, so we have to look forward.”