Neto on Anfield celebration, Watford and Wolves' unity

Pedro Neto has praised the unity of the Wolves squad after being taken in well by his team-mates following his summer move to Molineux.

The Portugal under-21 international was pleased to have played a large part in the recent Premier League matches against Manchester City and Liverpool – having an equalising goal disallowed by VAR at Anfield on Sunday afternoon.

But with Wolves back in action on New Years Day as Nuno’s side travel to Watford, the forward insists a strong bond between the players will be key to competing against each test they face in the top-flight this season.

On unity among Wolves team

“It is the work done by the coach and the staff and of course by the players. Without our union and our work it is not possible, and we are showing it in the Manchester City game and the Liverpool game. These were two difficult games, two days of difference and we showed we can compete with all of these teams.

“Now that I have been here quite a few months I understand how strong we are. When I first arrived, I didn’t know the team very well, I knew some of the players, but after we played with them, we now know what we are doing and we show that we are a great team.

“Wolverhampton is growing. We have a very good team, very good players that all the teams want to have. We are showing what we want to achieve and what we work all days for.”

On aims for the future

“I work all day to be the best because it is what I want to be. That is the way I think.

“It’s not a sacrifice to be a footballer because I’m doing a job that I enjoy. Some people don’t do a job they like, but I wake up and I am happy because I’m doing what I like, which makes me want to work harder to be the best.”

On disallowed goal against Liverpool

“It was difficult because I scored my first goal in the Premier League in Anfield, it would have been amazing, but I was a little bit disappointed because I think the decision was not a good one, but I keep working and I wait to score again.

“I think my celebration was a little bit of frustration, because after the first goal we suffered, because we are fighting for the game. I was a little bit frustrated and I felt in myself that I had to get all this out and it was my celebration.”

On another test against Watford

“All the teams have to be careful because we are a very good team and all the games we aim to win. I don’t see all the games because I try to rest, but we will have the information on Watford before the game for sure. We already know that all the games are not easy here, so we will compete like we compete for all the games and try to win.

“We had two difficult games in three days, it’s been difficult and we have a small team, but we can compete with all these teams because we are people that work hard and show on the field that we can fight and compete.

“We go to all the games, like we’ve shown this year, to win and all the teams have to be careful of our team because when they go anywhere, they go there to win and are tough opponents.”