Nuno on tough Liverpool challenge

With the dust still not settled on Wolves magnificent come from behind victory over Manchester City at Molineux, Nuno Espirito Santo’s side will take a trip to Anfield to take on Premier League leaders Liverpool this afternoon.

With less than 45 hours between facing two of their toughest fixtures of the season, Nuno said his players started preparing for the Reds as soon as the full-time whistle went on Friday night on a historic night under the lights.

On 45 hours game between City and Liverpool fixtures

“What we are doing now and what the players are doing is recovering. It’s started already. Every minute that passes is 45-hours minus.

“I never saw playing a game against a tough team with 45 hours between games, so it’s going to be very tough.

“Let’s not think about how we’re going to do it, let’s think rest, recover, and then we’ll think about how we’re going to play.”

On taking momentum from Man City victory

“Of course; the players are good, they are confident, but the 11 guys are there. Everybody ran a lot [against Man City], a lot. To go back requires a lot of effort and many, many ran.

“There could be changes. [The space of time between games] goes against everything. It’s absurd. At the moment it is absurd. There are no explanations, and all the decisions we’re going to make are based on us. How are we to play football.

“It’s there. It’s not only Wolves, for all the teams, all the players and all the managers are concerned, but we cannot do anything, we have to survive.”

On facing 34th match of the season

“It’s a lot of games, a lot of competition. It’s because we played qualifiers, we played other competitions and we have a small squad.

“How we are doing things, with who we are doing things is very important, and we have to make decisions.

“Now we recover, then we speak, and we decide – well, maybe I decide!”