Coady on VAR frustrations

Conor Coady has called for more on-pitch communication regarding VAR, after Wolves were denied a point in controversial circumstances at Anfield.

Liverpool’s winner was given with help of the video referee before Pedro Neto’s goal was ruled out via the same method, leading to frustration in the Wolves camp. The skipper spoke passionately post-match and wants the confusion surrounding VAR to be cleared up sooner rather than later.

On the VAR frustrations

“People talk about VAR, but they don’t ask us about the situation and what we think, for me, it’s not working. A lot of people say it’s getting results, but they give a decision and you get your head around it, then they can change it for offside and different things.

“The offside, I can’t get my head around it. It happened against Manchester City, but we managed to come back because we showed character. On Sunday I spoke to Anthony Taylor during the game and he’s great fella to speak to, but you asked him questions and don’t really get an answer.

“We thought van Dijk had handballed it in the lead-up to their goal, then he told me van Dijk is too far away, but he plays the pass for the goal. He’s an unbelievable player and it was a brilliant pass, but we thought he handballed it.

“We got at Liverpool, we created chances, especially second-half. We’ve got to realise we were at such a tough place to come, but the decisions are killing us, it’s constantly against. We’re the players on the pitch and it doesn’t feel we’re getting decisions.”

On VAR confusion

“It is affecting the game. The crowd don’t like it, nobody likes it. Nobody asked the players about it, they came in and did a presentation and told us what was going to happen, but there’s still confusion. They don’t answer you on the pitch.

“I don’t know where we’re going wrong and what the confusion is, but for me it’s no good because that’s twice on the spin against Liverpool and Manchester City, the two best teams on the planet at the minute.”

On the positives of the performance

“It’s how we play, we’ll never change. We play a certain way, we listen to our manager every single day. We had one day between playing the two best teams in the world, which is madness, but we came and showed how we want to play. Second-half we really controlled it, we created chances and could have scored a couple. All in all, I thought we played really well.”

On looking ahead to 2020

“We don’t look at where we want to finish, we want to keep on winning as many games as possible. We felt we could have won on Sunday, second-half we should have got something out of it, but the situation happened, and it was how it was, but for us it’s about looking at Watford, it’s a massive game for us and we’re looking forward to it.”