Nuno on rotation options

Nuno Espirito Santo revealed he’ll wait and see how Friday goes before deciding if to rotate his squad over the festive period.

Wolves’ Premier League clash with Manchester City on Friday is the first of three matches in six days, with trips to Liverpool and Watford also on the horizon. Nuno has named the same starting eleven for his previous three Premier League fixtures but is yet to decide if changes will be made due to the busy schedule ahead.

On rotating between games

“We go game by game, we’ll see the first game, how it goes, then we’ll make the decisions. We play the next game, then think about the next one after it finishes. The game is there to be played.”

On the players’ schedule

“The programme is ready. We trained Monday and Tuesday, 25th off, it was Christmas Day, so everybody will had a chance to be with their families, then we returned on the 26th, prepared, play on the 27th, recover on the 28th, let’s see how, and we play on 29th – the programme is ready.

“Of course, if the situation was that we played on 26th, 25th it would be impossible to have off, but it’s good, it’s very important to be with our families and the players will have enjoyed it for sure.”

On the bond between the players

“It’s basic. If your relationship is good, and you have friendship between you, when you work together you are stronger, because you have a real friend beside you that wants the same as you.

“We always try to have these moments, we had previous trips (to Marbella), and we have a lot of times and activities that the players enjoy as a group.”

On City’s qualities

“The quality they have, the idea of football they have, everything is impressive. Every challenge has difficulties. It’s going to be very tough, but always with the same idea, the game is there to be played.”

On thinking to January transfer window

“Every moment of my day I’m thinking, how things can be better for us, every day. It’s important when you have a strong balance as a group, you want them to continue this way.

“Let’s see what happens, of course we need players, but now is the moment where we work together to find the best decisions and the best players will come.”