Nuno on Traore's tough treatment

Adama Traore’s temperament is typical of the Wolves group according to Nuno Espirito Santo, who is pleased with the winger’s continued progression.

Traore has been in flying form this season and smashed home his first Molineux goal against Tottenham Hotspur a week ago. Ahead of the trip to Norwich City on Saturday, Nuno spoke about the Spaniard’s reaction to the tough treatment he’s receiving and how his improvements is reflective of the whole group during his tenure.

On Traore’s temperament

“This is the way to play football. You cannot take justice by your own hands, you have a judge on the pitch and he’s the referee. If there is an issue to address, it’s the referee, not the player, because they’ll be punished.

“This is the way we work, this is the way we tell our boys to be because we trust the referee. If there’s a foul, trust the referee, stand up and go. Keep going. It’s something we tell all our players, this is the way we train, this is the way we approach things.

“It’s for the referees to judge. There are different ways to try and stop Adama but fouls over and over again, the only person that can judge and intervene is the referee. Hopefully the referee can control it better.”

On players improving

“Since day one, our intention is all the players. We realise that some of them take more time, integrate faster, some of them develop their talent, some of them require more time.

“Our obsession is always the same, look at the player, how can I improve, knowing that by improving the player, we are approving the team and hopefully the club. This is what we’ve been doing here since day one.”

On Traore’s individual improvements

“The talent is there, the quality is there. Last season was not so good, we know that the form and performances of players have ups and downs, the only thing we do is we keep trusting them, keep giving them solutions, confidence to go out there and express themselves.”

On a rare midweek off

“It was useful especially because of what happened before. It was a good time to recover well, to have time to stay on the pitch and prepare ourselves, and the result must be on Saturday. We have to perform well and compete very well against a very tough team.”