Traore on his special attention

Adama Traore sees the extra attention he’s receiving during matches as a positive for Wolves as a team.

The winger’s fine form has seen opposition players pay him extra attention in recent weeks, in a bid to cut out his service to Raul Jimenez, who he assisted against Aston Villa and Bournemouth in November. However, he views the marking he’s receiving as a positive, as it opens up additional space for his team mates to exploit.

On his added attention

“You know when you start a game how the team are marking you and how they defend you. I know from the first ball I touch how many players are around me, so for me it’s better for the team around me.

“If there are more defenders around me, it means there are some of our players free, and if I can work in the proper way it will be better spaces for other players to have good moments in the game, to score or assist for the team.

“I take it positively and I’ve been working with Nuno about how teams are making me now, we’ve been working so hard. We worked defensively as well - now I’m playing winger, but before I was wing-back or striker, but I have worked hard with him. I trust him and we keep going.”

On Wolves’ unbeaten run

“I think it’s great to know that, it’s because we’ve been working so hard, the support of the fans has been great. We play at home and we play away, and they’ve always been there.

“I think it’s the spirit of the club that we push until the end and whatever the game or the situation, we try to fight. Whether it’s against Braga and it’s raining, and the pitch isn’t in the best condition, or after at Molineux.

“It’s the mindset of the players and the team and the coach. I think that matches my mentality to fight until the end, it’s great and I’m happy for it, I’m happy for this run of not losing but we know each game will be difficult.”

On West Ham

“We know West Ham is a big team, is a good team, but there’s not a bad team in the Premier League. You can see in the games any team can hurt you, any team can punish you for bad decisions, or if you switch off, so you have to ready whatever the game.

“They beat Chelsea, of course, but we are focusing on our work, that is the important thing, whatever the team in front.”