Moutinho enjoys perfect Saturday

A Saturday afternoon on the south coast provided the perfect day for Joao Moutinho yesterday.

The midfielder signed a new contract before taking to the field at Bournemouth, where he scored his first goal of the season with a stunning free-kick and helped Wolves to three crucial points. Moutinho has been a picture of consistency since joining the club in 2018, playing in every Premier League match, and remains as excited as ever about the club’s project.

On a good day at the office

“I feel very well. We won, it’s a very important win, and I signed a new contract, that’s what I want, and the club wants too. I’m very happy to help the team today and I hope to help the team the next two, three years.

“I helped the team to win and we’ll try to do our best for the next game. I’m happy to help the team with the goal, but the most important is the victory.”

On the decision to re-sign

“A very, very easy decision because I feel very good here. It’s a big club, the club wants to do something good and I try to help, playing, doing my best to help.

“We did a great job last season, this season we try to do better, and that’s what we’re going to do, and I’m going to do to try to help 100 per cent the club to improve.”

On the club’s ambition

“The mentality of the club is the same as mine, to improve every day, to grow every minute, every game, every season. This is important for me because it’s a good project, to put the Wolves as high as we can, and that’s what I try to do, to help the Wolves to win something and do a great job this season too.

“The project’s very good. Of course, the Premier League is a big competition, we try to do our best to improve on our classification last year. But we want to win something to show to Europe the team we are, and I think we’ve already done a bit of this, but we need to continue to show to the people how strong we are.”

On his bond with the supporters

“I think they like me, I like them, but I think it’s not only me, they are amazing. All the time they support us, they give all they can to help us in the pitch, or outside, and this is important for us.

“They help us a lot and we try to give something back for what they do every single week.”