Doherty insists Bratislava crowd won't affect players

Matt Doherty admits he is disappointed in the lack of Wolves support which has been allowed to attend Thursday night’s Europa League clash with Slovan Bratislava.

With the game due to be played behind closed doors, only 200 Wolves supporters will be present in the Tehelne Pole stadium for the Group K clash, and the wing-back knows that even with the limited support, the Wolves fans who have been allowed into the stadium will still be giving their full backing to Nuno Espirito Santo’s side.

On atmosphere at Tehelne Pole

“The stadium’s still going to be pretty full, so there will be some noise and an atmosphere. We’re going to be looking forward to it as we do every game, so the crowd shouldn’t affect us.

“It is disappointing [for a lack of away support]. Like I said a few days ago, the supporters were part of our whole journey last season and they must have sold out every single home and away game almost.

“For them it’s disappointing and for us, we played Besiktas as you could hear them up the corner as there were quite a few of them and when we celebrated, we ran to them.

“We will still have that, but in really small numbers which is disappointing for us and obviously for them, but they might be able to watch it on TV which will be a small benefit.”

On doing well in the Europa League

“This is why we kind of busted a gut at the back end of last season to finish seventh. These are the kind of challenges that we want, and we want to get out of the group and go as far as we can, there’s no doubt about that at all.

“It’s very attractive [that Europa League winners claim a Champions League spot]. I guess this is the start for us on our European adventure and we want to do that best we can.

“If that means winning and getting into the Champions League then that would be the dream for us this season.

“Obviously, there’s a long way to go and we still have to take it easy and make sure we put ourselves in a good position. But this is the next game and it’s obviously important for us, so hopefully we can win.”

On racism issues in football

“They’re trying to deal with it all the time, it’s happening way more than anyone would like or anybody would want to deal with.

“You kind of just have to leave it in the hands of the authorities and trust what they’re doing.

“I’ve not experienced it first-hand, as in being on the pitch at the same time, so I’ve not had that situation and hopefully I never will have to deal with that situation.

“I trust the authorities and trust their processes and hopefully they will do the right job, which I think they will do.”

On European experience in squad

“I’m sure they do have knowledge, but they’ve not passed any of it on yet, but we’re all really experienced playing midweek in the Championship.

“I know the Championship is not Europa, but you’re playing a lot, and there’s obviously a few of us who go away with internationals, so we know what playing in different countries is like.

“It’s not a problem at all, we’re all professional, experienced at playing games, so the schedule is not an issue.”

On threat posed by Slovan Bratislava

“We haven’t looked at the video of the team yet, but we will probably be doing that tonight or tomorrow before the game.

“Normally a day before the game we get clips and when you’re in your room at night you watch stuff, so that will be the type of analysis we do tonight and tomorrow morning before the game.

“But I’ve looked, and they’re top of the table at the moment, so it’s a game that we’re definitely taking seriously, and we know they’re going to pose quite a good threat.

“We just have to be fully concentrated at all times and kind of not disrespect the type of player you’re playing against who will obviously be a good player and the most important thing is you’ve got to make sure you’re fully focused for the full 90 minutes.”