Traore pleased that hard work is paying off

Playing in a variety of positions to help his Wolves team will only make Adama Traore a better player, the Manchester City match-winner believes.

Traore netted twice in the closing stages of Wolves’ 2-0 victory over City on Sunday afternoon after switching from right-wing back to an attacking position late in the contest. The speedster insists he has full belief that the way he is currently being deployed in the team by head coach Nuno Espirito Santo will help bring out the best of his talents.

On taking down the champions

“It was amazing. I think the whole team, not only the players, the staff, have been working so hard from the beginning of the season and I’m so happy.

“We’ve been working so hard and Nuno prepared the game amazing, like always. I’ve been playing in two position today, right-wing back and then as striker, and I believe in Nuno. I believe in him, I believe if I play in any position on the pitch I can adapt in that position, do my best and it will make me a better player.

“Raul has given me two amazing assists. I know he’s a great player and I’m so happy for all the team to win and to keep pushing and to keep winning.”

On working hard on his game

“I’ve been working with the manager and with everyone, not only in the aspect of defending, which I know is an important thing with Nuno, but I have worked so hard in offensive things.

“I know my speed and my dribbling, but I must have the end product, and I have to keep working on that. But I’m so happy to help the team, I think not only me, all the team worked so hard today and I’m so happy to keep winning and keep pushing.

“The important thing is the spirit we have – we fight until the end.”

On a whole team effort

“Not only the players, I think all the staff did great work after coming from Turkey. We had a three-hour flight, then straight into training where they prepared everything, they didn’t sleep a lot, and then they have the job of our recovery; ice baths in the cold water, stretching to prepare for the next game and watching the next game to know how we can win.

“I’m so happy for the work the team did, and when I say team it’s not only about the players, but the whole staff and people who are around as well, they all did a great job, but we have to keep going.”

On the support of the Wolves fans

“They keep pushing, they keep believing and this is the spirit we have too. They keep believing in us until the end, and this is the best thing – the people who support us.”